January 18, 2011

Was having a bit of a bad day today…which got worse with a packet of M&M’s.
Which then lead to a sugar high, an awful headache and a sugar rush come down!!!
I then went to the mail box to for the mail..Love trying to translate our Japanese bills!
No bills but a parcel for me….Woooo hooooo
It was from Shutterbug….it was a handbag…I love it…I danced around the room with my new bag.
The bag was made perfect to fit my wallet, kindle and phone!!!!

So…For the last few years I have tried to French braid my own hair…
My arms would aches…I would check my master piece out with two mirrors, me looking into one that was facing the back, to check my work…then I would scream….Because once again it never worked.
Well today I mastered the French braid FINALLY!!!!. Arms are arching!!!
The braid needs work…but I managed to finally do it…So while working on tidying the master piece up…my arms are getting the best workout!!
Well they say no pain, no gain…anything hurting that much be like an exercise that is good for you right????

While reading the latest Yahoo news today I noticed an article about researchers in Japan wanting to resurrect a mammoth within the next 5 years.
Why does the world need an extinct animal brought back to modern day???
Where will it be housed???
Because you know we need a modern day mammoth brought to life much more than we need to find cures for modern illnesses .
I wonder if the will call it Manny?
Will it be housed with a Sloth and a saber tooth tiger?
May be they can make a movie about it…..Oh yeah sorry they all ready have…ANY NEED!!!!!!!
A MAMMOTH!!!!!!!! Please.

on 33 days til he is home

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