January 22, 2011

So this morning I think to myself I really need to get this book read for book club on Monday.
Well to start with I could not find the book on Kindle...Then I remember somewhere back in my dusty brain that it had a different name in the UK… (Why do they have different named books for different countries???)
I am reading away and I STILL keep going to TURN the pages on the kindle….I mean REALLY turn the pages. I have had it a month already you would think I would have caught up by now…
I sat there and thought wow I can turn the pages with a left button or a right button…but NO I want to ACTUALLY turn pages…..ANY NEED?

Today I decided I am missing Spaghetti Hoops….I want Spaghetti Hoops!!!
While I have to say…the food here is ok….I still miss bits and pieces from the UK
A Gregg’s cheese savory with Bacon crisp
Good granary bread
Good Chinese food
Tesco’s egg tarts
Walker’s sensations...Sweet chili

I do know when I go home this summer…On the list will be a pub lunch, chip shop, and a Greggs Cheese savory….I would start counting the days if I knew when we were leaving for summer

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