January 17, 2011

Well……Took J to the Dr’s this morning…X-rays’s taken. Dr said ‘Can’t see a fracture,but does not mean there is not one. Great….I have to pay for J’s ski trip…going to wait a few more days!!!!
So I am back on the health kick!!!! Never came off it really but did less on the weekend.
So I need some fruit, and for some reason I bought 2 ½ lbs of blueberries…never seemed that many when I was buying them!!!The inside of the boxes stated to keep refrigerated, should have stated keep refrigerated or just leave in Wendy’s kitchen which is cooler than then Arctic!
Outside is ACTUALLY warmer than inside our house…We have A/C units that are also heating units…Useless!!! They get the room warmish, then a nice-ish temperature them too hot!.
Turn them off and within minutes it’s freezing again!
Below the house is at least a 12inch gap if not more …
The house seems to be insulated with single ply toilet paper…

Went on a long walk, (still not getting the walking and not going anywhere, at least in the gym on the treadmill the TV is showing Dr. Phil!)
Cooked a roast dinner…and instead of my usual pile of roasties…I had 2 very small ones.
(I also managed to cook a curry as well…GO ME!!)

So I have watched Japanese adverts/commercials just once or twice between TV shows. They just crack me up….You can actually buy a catcam..NOT to be confused with a nannycam. You can spend a couple of hundred dollars on a camera to make sure your cat is doing ok at home!
Hummm wonder how many of those they sold????

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Anonymous said...

Don't laugh but we tried to buy a 'rabbit' came before leaving for our Christmas vacation....only problem was it was stupid expensive!!!