January 20, 2011

Yayyyyy I have followers and I have comments….wooo hoooo..But before I get over excited…
I am going to write the blog now before I fall flat on my face and sleep for the next 24 hours…Of course G is away so I am not sleeping!!!...Every little creak in the house is driving me crazy!

Today was going to be a good day for me. I decided it would be!
Did the school run, went straight to the gym…(still not found a machine that makes you lose 20lbs in one session!)
Happily wandering around the gym…sat and ACTUALLY exercised while on the exercise bike...Went on the cross trainer… (Which I will add I was CROSS with it by the time I finished on it…making me so ill…naughty machine!!!)
Went on my favorite machine….You sit and push away the from a foot board…I always thought ‘I could sit here and do this all day’…well JA soon poured water on that one…hehe
She told me it was too easy for me...All I have to say to that is Hummmpppt!

I came home and decided to tidy up 2 kitchen cupboards…and I actually managed it without walking away because I was bored…and also not because they were small cupboards. So 2 cupboards started by me and finished by me in the same day!!!!!!!
I make some Jelly…not1, not 2, not 3 but 4 jellies….they are sugar free and I thought great have these for snack…well here is hoping they set…..because…I used Pyrexs measurement of one cup instead of Martha Stewarts Measurement of one cup….and I think one cup is one cup ..RIGHT???? WRONG!
Well I poured Martha’s one cup measurement into my pyrex measurement and there was a difference…hummm think I used Martha’s 1 cup and not Martha’s ½ cup…toooooo tired to check
I then did some ironing, watched a couple of my TV shows and went for a walk….GO ME!!!!
So now I am exhausted!
How Marathon Man does all that exercise is beyond me!!!
When people say they feel better after exercising is beyond me…I am wondering how this could possibly be?
You get sweaty
You get out of breath
Yeah lovely, I can see why you feel better...NOT!

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