January 15, 2011

I am a Basketball Mom

Well it’s official…..I am a ‘Basketball Mom’ and I love it!!!!
This is not just because my child is on the team…but because off I go and shout and cheer with the best of them…..I am sure my kid is cringing inside… Even when he is not on the court, I get carried away when we score.
When I know more the rules I am sure I will be as vocal as G…
I am slowly learning the terminology of Basketball….
Traveling… I thought that was what we did at summer and Christmas break????
Double dribbling…..???I thought what happens when you both fall asleep with your mouth open???
I am still not understanding it all…but I will get there eventually…I now know you don’t just throw a ball at a hoop….
Slam dunk/Dunk……I am sorry but I don’t care, this what you do with a biscuit and a cup of coffee!!!!
I even know / or can see my child plays better as a point guard than in other positions and not because I have been told.
I am sad to think the school season is almost over…well I suppose I have a year to figure out all the rules…

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Lesley said...

You are too funny. Love the blog btw.