January 10, 2011

Yesterday I started at the gym. I had my iPod all set up, I had my towel and I wandered around the gym thinking machine which was going to make me lose 20 lbs with one gym session.
Also I had to find something that was not going to make my ribs worse…
So 1st I sat on the bike…Ok I can do this I thought…..Until I looked at the buttons…ALL in Japanese!!! REALLY, any need?
So somebody helped, I started the work out, forgot my iPod, but started to read my book.
I would rather have watched Dr. Phil.

Today J started back at school, even though it is a national holiday here.
The national holiday is Adult day…Yep really…cool or what?
I also found out the Japanese word for Mother can be ‘HaHa’ The reason I say can be is …there seems to be many ways to say one thing. Not sure if there is many ways of saying Mother, but not taking any chances.
Don’t get me started on how many ways to say numbers.
I was told as well there is a Haha day…..

Tonight we had lamb chops for dinner…I decided to have sweet potatoes with mine…I went with the purple sweet potato and decided to mash them…I mean they are only slightly purple …right???
Wrong….my plated looked like Willy Wonka’s Umpa Lumpa’s had helped with the mash…REALLY!!!
I am sorry now I never took a picture.

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Janet said...

Where is your blog for today??? REALLY????I have to go to bed now, and I won't sleep cos I am wondering what you are doing!