January 12, 2011

Well…..I was going to stay in bed and let G take J to morning practice..Well that was until I went and weighed…I had actually lost weight…..NOT 20LBS might I add…but it was a start…I rushed to get dressed so I could get a ride to school and walk home.
So…..I start walking..IPod all set..NOT!!! It kept skipping. So I had to play press play for each song….
All fixed now…thank goodness.

I made my almond milk today….I was pretty impressed with the results…so much so that I made another batch…I warmed some up and had it with my oatmeal…have to say pretty impressed .. I was so impressed that I actually made another batch.
Only 40 calories per cup….Oats needed no flavoring..Consistency a little thicker…but REALLY, REALLY impressed! Also all the mushy stuff left over is my new secret ingredient to the curries we had for dinner….No way was I throwing it out…Nuts cost a fortune! I was not telling G and J until they had cleared their plates.
Now I am not saying I would drink this almond milk stuff like normal milk…but it was good.
I even made some chocolate mousse.
So now for the butternut squash fries…I loved them!!! They were good… So move over Martha Stewart, Wendy’s in the Kitchen on a diet and needing food.
The fact that the food on my plate did not look like the Umpa Lumpa’s had helped make it was also a improvement!

I went to the gym…still have not found a exercise machine that will take 20lbs off on instantly…but I did find a exercise bike that I can sit on like a chair and read my book. So I will make sure I have a few books in my car…Not ready to start leaving the car at home and walking to gym…May be in 2012!