January 11, 2011

YouTube and butternut squash…..REALLY!
Well…I have a butternut squash to use up and I was looking for ideas on new recipes.
I did a search on butternut squash and I found ‘Roni’ think that is her name showing you on YouTube how to cut a butternut squash….REALLY I did. I mean who knew. I don’t know how ‘Roni’ thinks people have been cutting up squash…I am thinking we all pretty much cut a squash that way…well if you’re from planet earth
When J is watching YouTube I hear a lot of laugh and G goes and see’s what he is watching and then I normally hear them both laughing…I have tried to join in sometimes, but what they are watching is about as funny poking yourself in the eye!
Well….’Roni’ still not sure of her name mentioned butternut squash fries….guess what I was planning on my dinner tonight???? ..Well it never happened as I needed to do a quick Costco run.
I might add..I think I will be going to Costco around dinner time every time from now on…
I am thinking around dinner time is no:
Bring the screaming kids to Costco Day
Bring the whole family to Costco day
Bring your kids to lie on the floor and get in everyone’s way at Costco
Or they had finally found out that the 10 minute wait for that sample… really are samples and not a full size meal……Whatever the reason the decided not to congregate at Costco around 5.30pm, well I like their reason!!!! So future shopping will take place at dinner time
So…………….. tomorrow night I plan on having Yummy butternut squash fries…How do I know they are yummy…I think ‘Roni’ said…but also when I searched butternut squash fries, the word yummmy kept appearing..So here’s to the lovely yummy fries I get tomorrow…G did not look impressed.
While watching ‘Roni’ I also found out about almond milk…So I am actually in the process of making almond milk…REALLY, I am!
So go me!!!!
I am betting that I hate both!!!!

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