January 8, 2011

The Christmas tree is finally down.
Do I feel better? …hummmm NO!
So it took forever to get take all the baubles off. We packed away all the lights, tinsels and baubles.
Then we took it apart. Then we tried to get it back in the box….Not happening in this life time.
You know you can get those bags for storage space?...The ones you but stuff in and then get the vacuum to suck all the air. Space saving bags…well I need something like that for the 3rd part of the Christmas tree. The G says come on let’s take this back into the attic. …sounds easy, right?
Once again, NO!!!
The chest of decorations went back up no problem….The tree which has never been in the attic…which was living in the office in the box since it was bought in October.
The tree box now only contains 2/3 of the tree the other part is wrapped up in a lot of bubble wrap
So I watch as G and J move boxes, as I am thinking can I ask them to put a few other things up there as well.
When all is done, attic is closed….I go downstairs and I have a big empty space where the tree was…
Any need, REALLY.

This evening G said let’s go out to eat locally. Ok…off we trot. ( Am I getting better or what??)
J had a pizza…looked ok.
G had what can only described as ‘balls’ perfectly shaped balls at that! Looked awful and judging by’s G reaction they tasted awful.
I decided to have a sort of stir fry…I paid the man. Then I looked closer at the picture and I had pointed at and realized it has Squid in…Hummmm NO, NO, NO. So I explained to the man with the help of the translator on my phone ‘NO SQUID!!!’ Crossed my arms, shook my head..and he says…’Ahhhhh one moment, one moment, one moment’ Off he runs and returns with a small frozen bag of ….fishy stuff….including a pink and white stripped thing…By this stage I am gagging…he points to the squid..’You not like’…’NO’ Points to the pink and white fish…which looks like a pice of stripped rock from Blackpool! You like? NO!
Points to the shrimp..’you like this one’…’NO’
So I just crossed my arms and said ‘CANCEL… NO LIKE FISH’...He has a big smile ok…you still want drink?
Queue behind me is growing (popular place I guess) so after a 10 minutes ordering, showing fishy stuff in a bag, I ended up with pasta instead…

Just a taste

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