January 4, 2011

The Christmas tree is coming down tomorrow….Yayyyyy then only 325 days until it back up
There is also only 355 days until Christmas.

So I made some more lemon vodka (think I will be needing it with only 355 days left for Christmas)
I know when it is ready because it turns yellow, so a couple of weeks to wait, and with 355 days until Christmas I will have time to make a few batches
Yesterday I tried the Skittles Vodka (all flavours) tasted good.
So don’t know about anyone else but when I have had my limited of magic juice (normally 2 sips) my cheeks turn red . REALLY they do. No idea why this happens.
Well you would think at this point I might stop the magic juice right???? NO!!!
Will I be able to drink the magic juice with my exercising????
Maybe the juice part is not good…but the magic part will be ok!!!! Can’t be anything wrong with the Magic part surely?

The visitors are really seeing a lot of Japan….more than I will in the next 3 years. Done Disney, seen Fuji tried some sushi I am done.
Off they have popped and explored Japan. JH told me tonight that they have not done some of the stuff they would have liked….REALLY??? They have not stopped….I even got to see pictures on ONE of their cameras.
I did think one morning very early I would drive up to Fuji and see take a closer look…but then again…
I can see other people’s pictures!

Today I made a new recipe up. I decide we were having BBQ pork..Well the pork changed to beef.
When making the recipe normally I add a little orange juice. As we never had any today I used cola.
It was a hit. Seems this is on the approval list.
Another thing I found here is purple sweet potatoes (used to eat them in Korea when I could find them)
I use them the same as normal potatoes, I cube them add seasoning and bake. Not sure how impressed J is but hey. I am not impressed with wandering around Disney but hey. I was told by Bab’s this was happiest place on earth. Happiest place my @#$%!!!!!!!!!

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