January 7, 2011

Christmas tree is still up, mocking me…No pain meds today, so I know I am being mocked!
There is one bauble that just kinda sits there, winding me up a treat…well I am about to stamp on it!

Visitors have left …. I have say I am a little upset. They came, they went and they joined us for meal a time a or two. Now they are on their way back to Narita airport for their long flight home.
I am going to have to make friends with the English speaking house alarm again… He always welcomes me home. Well what he actually said is “system off, welcome home’ he is friendly enough welcoming me home.
This is a bit like Miss Garmin and Miss Clarion. When arriving at my final destination in the car. They always tell me I have arrived at my destination and to have a nice day. So polite…I wonder if you can pay less for a less polite GPS…so instead of wishing a great day saying something like…You’re here!
Where I would more like say…’were here, and take your rubbish with you!’
So I have 3 English better speaking English electronic devices to make best friends….So watch this space.

J got a book for Christmas from Yeti Moo..Called Freaky Facts…one Freaky is Fact that is in there is…
Squirrels can only remember where they have hidden half of their food…Alzheimer’s may be?
So my question is how would you know that that…Did somebody watch a squirrel for a few months?
How do they decide this...Does Suzie Squirrel say “Hey Einstein, do you remember where I put my nuts?”
Or maybe she says “Hey Einstein, We Squirrels are awful forgetful”’...I mean come on……ANY NEED!!!! REALLY is there any need?
Another fact….which I must add I have heard before is that Polar bears are all left handed.
Why would you sit in ice cold surrounds freezing your backside off watching which Hand the Polar bears are using??? Now I am sure that somebody is not sat on their backside freezing watching polar bears..I am sure they are all nice and warm…but that was the vision I conjured up!

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