January 6, 2011

Well the tree is still up…
It is coming down this weekend…even if I have to set fire to it and reduce it to smoldering plastic and burnt baubles!
I feel like it is mocking me….but again that could be the pain medication….

Yesterday while out, seen a sign in Gap that stated 70%. Off I trotted today, and I did actually get a few bargains for J. So much so that I am thinking of going back and buying the next size up for him.
It was cheaper than in the US.
G said earlier he never thought he would hear that anything was cheaper in Japan, guess I am going to have to find a few more bargains. Just so he can hear it again.

I think I have early onset of Alzheimer. You know when you walk into the room and to get something and forget what it was you went to get…if you do I am guess you have early Alzheimer’s as well.
Earlier today I put something away….Can I find where I put it??? NO! Any need?
When I was younger there used to be a whistle thingy, that you would attach to your keys, you would whistle and it would beep. When I was a kid they were everywhere, not anymore.
When I lose my phone, I call it and hopefully the ringer is on and not on silent.
Well I need to be able to ring my keys, my iPod, my books; even the mail that arrived today is lost already. So I need to sort something out. Have not found anything like my phone in the fridge as yet…but give it time.

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