January 27, 2012

I can't tell you how happy I was to realize it was friday…until I realized J had to be at school tomorrow by 8.30…REALLY any need?????
It's been a long week…REALLY it has…its REALLY does seem longer than the normal 7days!

The Costume party was awesome. The costumes were all awesome. There were a few wigs worn…The Expat wife costume was awesome…TBL I loved it…as did everyone else.
There was a take on Superman…which was fab…a couple of cat women…

G went away this week for 3 weeks…this week…I have been told he WON'T be shopping…hummm So I gather as I never gave him a shopping list I am wondering how he will react when he gets my email with the shopping list attached…REALLY there is no need to shop…yeah whatever!

a couple of times over the years I have thought about learn sign language.
I have thought about it again lately…maybe because i have been watching the show, switched at birth…(show about 2 kids swapped at birth, one child being deaf…loving the show…not the deaf child bit, but the storyline)
I did notice though that sometime they spell words out instead signing the whole word…well may be I should give sign a miss because my spalling is rubbish as you might have noticed…
…but if I could learn to sign without spelling, think I might…just need to find somewhere or someone in Japan that will teach me.

Normally G take J to school early on basketball mornings and I go with them and the I walk home.
Well as he is not here, I am talking J to school. So the walking has been off.
Well today I got off my backside and went walking..big winter coat…exercise, well yo would think that I would warm up quickly right?…..WRONG! REALLY, I was freezing!….but i did manage to get of my backside.
I also managed to do some house work…Don't know which I disliked more, the exercise or the housework…REALLY I have no idea.

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