January 20, 2012

Last time I wrote I meant to tell you about my bus adventure…..
So I was booked to have a nice relaxing facial, I decided that I would not take the car because parking is a nightmare. So off I go to the bus stop….I know I could pretty much take any bus that was going in that direction..(well Yokohama is not the biggest place in the world) I get on with my travel card, swipe the card..( look at me blending in…NOT!!!!) Then I go and stand and reply and send text messages….Then it happens…..The creepy voice…..
When you get on the bus here, you will notice that the bus drivers have a microphone with an ear piece….Then at every stop with a creep heavy breathing muffled voice the bus driver will tell you the stop you're at….Let me tell you…I am almost positive in most countries the driver would be arrested for the way he talking……it REALLY gives you the creeps..Still shivering! ( not just this driver but all the drivers sound the same….I wonder if you dont have a creepy enough voice if they give you lessons)
So I am on the bus…with the bus driver with the creepy voice, when the driver must have been lost…cause he was not going in the direction I WANTED!!!!…..REALLY he was not!…So the bus is jam packed. I notice that almost everyone is getting off. I look up and notice its the local hospital. I then notice than 98% of the passengers are around 70 years plus….So I guess that Fridays are over 70's day at the local hospital….REALLY NOBODY looked under 70 …so they could have actually be close to 100 years old…Because NO Asians look their actual age…if they look 20 you can normally add at least up to 50 years on. No idea how they look so good, but I am guessing it was more than Olay products!!! REALLY!!!
So I finally notice the driver has remembered where he is meant to be going and he is heading in the direction I WANT TO GO!!!.
I get off the bus and start walking to my appointment.
I have a 90 minute facial booked…I get in there. I am happy (REALLY I AM!) she has already made the blend she will be using…perfect…just the right amount of citrus…see, REALLY….perfect.
Then she says…You are entitled to an extra 20 minute FREE head massage….Hummm ok…110 minutes of PURE relaxation…REALLY, I mean how awesome is that…made up for the creepy voice…which I had gotten over, but know I have mentioned it is sending new shivers of absolute repulsiveness down my spine……yuck!!!!

Tomorrow we are off to a fancy dress/costume party….The theme is Super Hero's….
after a lot of thinking and coming up with NOTHING….I told the host I had no idea what to wear…she said just wear a cape….So this got me thinking for a nano second, with led me to thinking about everything else under the sun other than superhero costumes….Then for some bizzare reason Super Nanny came into my mind…..I thought I can go as her…
That Tv show she is on makes out she is some sorta super nanny…Super Nanny my backside…But….I can go with the idea some people think she is a SUPER NANNY…
So it wont take a lot for me to resemble her…She is large..(so am I)
She is a Brit….(so am I…I just have a nicer accent!) We have the same length hair…(different colours, but a wig will sort that out)
She wears a certain tailored blue shirt…(I have the exact same one..just mine one belongs to me!)
She thinks she is good with kids…(I know I am crap with with kids!)
We both wear glasses…and we have the same lip gloss…and I am sure we have one of those small potable DVD players around somewhere…See all sorted…I am impressed with myself that I focused for that long, to find an idea for a costume. REALLY I am.

Been back at that Indian …still not on first name terms…but he finished off my order…

Miss Wiliams came over for a cuppa this week. I lover spur of the moment arrangements.
Makes for a nice surprise in what can be just another boring day waiting in for the maintence man who speaks NO ENGLISH (fair enough we are in Japan) but who seems to think if he repeats the same Japanese sentence 20 times I will eventually understand…WRONG…I have enough problems understand English.

My hearing is getting worse. It is getting to the stage that I cant hear 50% of what people are saying when talking to me on the phone. I am alsohaving trouble hearing what people are saying who are in the same room as me. I am finding I need to see their faces…Not taht always helps as I am as blind as a bat even with the glasses.

Tomorrow J is playing Basktball in Tokyo. He needs to be at school by 7.30am Well G has decided he is going to watch…not that it took much thinking on G's behalf, he goes to every even that Jamie is in if he is here.
So my problem is…do I go or do I stay at home and watch TV…I think I might surprise them and go with them.
….Well I might

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Karen Crabbe said...

Finally!!! Haaa...so funny. How do you get the flags up on your page who are visitors?