January 14, 2012

The naughty fairies that are surrounding me are getting worse!!! REALLY they are.
So…I had to put a lock on my phone so I would not pocket dial anyone anymore. It was getting a total nightmare. So I put a REALLY easy passcode ( so I will remember it...) makes NO DIFFERENCE. REALLY no DIFFERENCE!
Over the Christmas period I was a bit more of a witch … well more so than normal! REALLY … So I was having a moment where I decided I was going be a witch (well did not think it...I was being a witch) I was bit louder than I normally would,not that would have mattered. I look down and I see that I had called somebody…Oh yeah…I REALLY had! So much for phone locks
The call was not a 3 or 4 second call but over 2 minutes and was still going….OH NO!!!!
So I re-call the person and explained what I had done and I was sorry…She was like no problem it must be on my answer phone …She said I will just delete it…Man she is good…I would have listened to it!..So that night at dinner, she says all gone….no worries…Her husbands says I wanted to listen to it but she said no…just delete…..Wow she is awesome!!!…I cant promise after I had listened it would not be on YouTube…… Well anyway I am so much more aware of my phone being OFF now…Well those naught fairies are still pocket dialing…absolute nightmare!!!!
Well…not only that but…I made custard one day..never had time to make it from scratch so I made the stuff from the time… You know 2 tablespoons of custard powder, sugar and milk…Well I made it when we had people over and Mr and Mrs Bubbles commented on the color of it…Almost white…As we all know custard should be yellow. Well next day same custard powder made yellow custard
Well this week…I had had a large lunch and when it came to dinner time, I knew I would not eat what G and J were eating so I decided I wanted custard for my dinner…Yes I did type custard…Well I made it and it was white…then I made some more from the same tin and it came out yellow…no idea what those naughty fairies are doing but it's confusing me… Don't get started on what they are doing to the seems on my clothes while I am sleeping…It must be the fairies cause there was no problem before christmas…REALLY they where…

So The new curry place by us is proving a little problem…. G and J want to eat there ALL the time!
Whenever a call is placed, our order does not need to be finished…he knows what we order, he no longer asks which level of spice…he no longer waits for us to finish our ordering…he tells us!!!! So I REALLY think the we could be on 1st name basis soon.

Going to have a go at making my own sausage meat this week….well I made my own Italian sausage…well I flavoured some ground meat. (the secret…dont tell anyone…Fennel and red wine vinegar..REALLY)
Today I made sausage rolls and I decided that i need to make my own sausage meat, because I am getting fed up of finding something one minute and not finding it in the stores the next…

We have decided on Canada for our summer holiday/Vacation…East coast…cant wait…never been in the summer, Hockey Hall of Fame is a must and hoping to get a picture of J sat behind the goalies pads, 12 years on.

G is playing football tomorrow…I have found a nice little place at the club where I can see outside, read my book and stay inside in the warm….All I need now is binconulars to see that far away…Then I can pretend that I have watched the game!

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