January 11, 2012

So this morning, I noticed that I had a little red wine left in a bottle. I remembered an email that Shutterbug had sent Delia v's Martha. Delia suggested pouring left over wine into ice cube trays and freezing…Martha was like 'What left over wine?' I was like who has the space for ice cube trays full of wine…My luck the wine would spill out over the frozen pizzas! Then when people come over and I have no wine in the fridge I can tell them if they want they can lick the pizza box!!!!

The contagious Jet lag has not left. I had a lovely afternoon nap and missed most of my TV show….ARGGHHHH no idea when it will be repeated
For example J was watching a TV show yesterday season 3 episode 2, today season 2 episode 8….I mean REALLY???? any need….

G has started play with the Mac, telling me that it does this or does that, like I will remember all that.Like I remember how to find those things.
I mean will I ever need really need the thing with the Guitar? Will I ever need the robot thing? guess I won't…but you never know.

I am now the proud owner of a japanese looking lady dish scrubbing brush it is soooo cool...I LOVE it. I seen them before christmas, the other one I seen had an afro. They are so funky…love them. Thank you Mrs. H it is awesome! The funning part is Mrs. H never bought it in Japan...lol
I am also the proud owner of a pair of cloud shoes...LOVE them. These shoes fold in half and you place then in their own special little bag and pop them in your handbag!!! How cool is that?
Just have to make sure my feet don't start smelling or or otherwise my handbag will stink every time I open it! Mrs. Bubbles got everyone started with the shoes....Can't say where I got them from, not cause I don't want to but I don't have a blog name for them.

Seems that there is mention of a little bit of a snow fall, I got excited. Then I remember the amount of a normal snow fall in our area….Well we might be able to make at least one snow ball.

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