January 10, 2012

So.....Why would you walk or run on a path/sidewalk when you have a road instead...No need to worry about the cars on the same road as you. No need to worry about cars coming around corners..Because you would have to be SPECIAL to think that this is normal...I mean REALLY? Any need.....People are just not right...I mean the fact that at least 4 people could walk side by side along the path ways...why would you want that when you can walk on a road that can have 2 cars...plus you...Rolling my eyes!!!

Started watching 3 new shows...loving them all, problem is I am now so used to watching TV shows by the box set, it's killing me to wait for the weekly episode.

Tried a few new recipes...all seem a big hit... not sure if its my cooking or they are desperate to eat something different...I like to think it was the first option, but I know its more likely to be the second....I can dream it's my amazing cooking talent that has them finishing whats on their plates.

I normally have a load of ideas to start the new term...Things for me to do...My main plans so far is sleep....even though we stayed here for christmas, I am convinced that I have caught other peoples jet lag. I am finding it hard to keep my eyes open past mid day.
Today I had to set my alarm so I did not sleep through school pick up.....I actually managed to wake before the alarm...REALLY I did...go me!

Saturday night a few of us went out to a nice little place close by. Table was booked for 8 o'clock. We arrived with Mr. and Mrs. Bubbles. The manager/owner came out of the place and tells us we are too early and we need to come back in 5/10 minutes. Then were told we can sit outside and have a drink...hummm 5 degrees...REALLY...So then they bring out this bucket which has hot coals in and was lovely and warm...bit upset to leave it and have to go inside.
After the meal, 3 of the guys went outside and looked up and found a bar. they checked it out and off we went to join them.
The one person inside apart from our group was the guy behind the bar. A Japanese Rastafarian with two small TV's playing Soul Train videos...There was a VIP area which consisted of a sofa with a kinda curtain with a wooden. The place was awesome. I thought everything closed at 10 in Yokohama...This place opened at 9pm and closed at 5am it was awesome...people wearing white suddenly light up with the florescent lights. The old style, home version of a disco lamp with the multi colored lights was so being called back to the 80's...basically the place was awesome...but I REALLY DON"T want to see it in board day light....REALLY I don't

I want snow...I want to live where there is snow...but I also want a nice lamb stew...but thats not going to happen either...
So I will settle for my ice box house, freezing cold toes and a bowl of corn flakes!

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