January 5, 2012

Yep I am back again...I will try and remember to read over what I have typed...to check spelling and grammar...can't promise and I am sure by the time I have finished typing I will have forgotten that I said I would and there will be as many mistake as ever....REALLY I will forget that quickly!

Well I am still learning how to get around this Mac...I am still wanting to leave it where somebody can step on it or sit on it and completely break it so I can go back to my beautiful Dell (that is old and needs some love) But I am not feeling like leaving the Mac to hurt as much as I was.

I have noticed in Japan that nearly van driver in Japan has a cartoon book in with them and they read the book at EVERY red light...REALLY they do...with the exception of the guy I seen today he had a motorbike magazine.

Today i am not very well and somebody came and made me soup and a sandwich...one of the nicest meals I have had!
J and myself are going to Guam for a few days in a few weeks time. Looking forward to it. NOT looking forward to the early flight from Narita....but I am looking forward to the warm break.
We are also looking at the summer holidays/vacation We had pretty much decided to go and 'do the West coast' of America...now Canada has jumped up as an option....Last time we were there was 10 years ago.
So I looked up things to do with a teenager in Toronto one suggestion was go across the island ride some bikes...WHAT???? Why would ANYONE suggest that??? REALLY...Could we not walk it...I would rather sore feet than a sore backside!!!
Another suggestion was Toronto zoo, I remember we took J there Years ago Well (as were were there last time 10 years ago it was years ago...come on Wend!)
So we go to the Zoo and there is loads of snow on the ground and there was a camel giving out free rides... The camel in the snow did not seem right to me...I still remember some evil squirrel jumping onto J's stroller and trying to get his snack....YUCK!!!! I mean where had his hands been!!! (the squirrels not J's)
We have never been to Canada in the summer only in the winter. So if we do go a visit to the 'maid of the mist' will be a must...I mean we will need to join in with the other few thousand people wanting to go on the maid of the trip...We wont want to miss out!

Oh yeah I have also become addicted to something called pinterest...I sit there and just go through pages and pages of EVERYTHING...honestly I do. G looks up from what he is doing sees the page I am on and says your on the same page....Hummm no, now on the Soup page I was on the craft and DIY page last time you made a comment!!!

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