March 5, 2012

Ok I am back again..….G is back for his little trip….brought back HP brown sauce so I am happy!

I had high hopes for today….but my I felt a real pull towards the sofa!!!! I was all comfy…I knew I should not be sat there…watching the end of Officer and a Gentleman….which was actually in English!!! and not dubbed in Japanese like all the other movies I wanna watch are…The ones I don't want to watch are ALL ways in English….Then I spilt a bottle of FREEZING cold water over myself…not even that really moved me….I did move but as I took so long pneumonia could be starting to set in….
Pages read in the book I am meant to read? ZERO!!!!!
….But I did cook dinner….I peeled and chopped veg!!!!
Roast dinner was the planned idea for dinner tonight with roast pork….
Veg sorted, potatoes par boiled…Gravy taken out of freezer..because I knew making gravy would not be the top of my list after making the rest of the dinner..I mean I would have made it…but well I always have gravy made up in the freezer…Well the pork was off…REALLY it STANK! it was minting!!!! …I mean come on ANY NEED????? Right pain…so the chicken that was meant for tomorrows dinner was VERY QUICKLY cooked (well done Wend taking the chicken out and thinking you where going to do more than you ACTUALLY planned on doing!) …..
The chicken was ok…but I WANTED A ROAST PORK DINNER!!!!

More self diagnoses and more internet surfing today….hummmmm I love the internet…You know when people find something new and go a little bit crazy or over the top until it wears off…Bit like me and Pinterest last month! or when people get Facebook and they decided that everyone wants to know EVERYTHING they have done that day….Yeah I was one of those people…and I bet you where also!!!!! Well thats me and the internet surfing….Did you know you can learn how to knit something for a stone/rock….honest you can…there is video to show you how.
So lately I have had problems with peoples names….people who I known for almost 2 years….Now I live in a very small community, so its not like I never see them….One day last week I called somebody Katie….KATIE???? I don't think there is anyone called Katie here and the ladies name does even sound like Katie…….Now….I actually think I maybe could remember…but my lovely friends here tell me the name of the person …I think because they want me to actually hurry up and finish my story….I do gets the names right sometimes….Well……I decided to look this up….and there is a name for it…but I can't find the page/link I found….and that was not meant to be funny…I REALLY can't!
…but I did find a page, that says new research suggests the mere act of walking through a door helps people forget……Now, I thought VODKA helped you forget.
I have walked through a few thousand doors I should image, kitchen doors living room doors, Mall entrance doors, bathroom doors (and the bathrooms in this house has 2 doors in each bathroom, ) Plane doors, church doors, patio doors …so your getting my point…Well, I can tell you now no door has EVER had the effect on that Vodka, wine and paint stripper has had … I have been served I image taste like paint stripper would. In fact, I can't remember walking through a door and forgetting I forgot something…or just maybe I just forgot I forgot…..

Oh yeah…..I did remember half of one the things I wanted to write in my last blog…when J and myself where in one of the local sports stores here…I noticed a sign on something (can't remember what it was…i know duh!!!!) it was something like…BUT NOT!!! don't touch irons when turned on as they could be hot!!! "REALLY Sherlock?" but whatever it was…it was more obvious and more ridiculous …Just wish I could remember what it was….I mean I have a phone with a camera for goodness sake, I should have taken a picture of it…
I mean I know you will never get back the 10 secs it might have taken to read this paragraph…but I had to mention I sorta half remembered something….and I did not walk backwards through a door to remember half of what I wanted to remember!

Tomorrow I will either do more homework…but I am slightly worried about the bannister…I mean I know the house contract mentions general wear and tear, but bannisters pulled off the wall when doing homework exercises might not cut it!!!!!
Or I might go to the gym......Or I might go find my backside imprint on the sofa....or just to mix things up I might go make a new imprint on the other sofa after exercise!!!!!

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