March 6, 2012

The alarm was set for 5.30 and I had every intention of being in and out of the gym by 7am…well as I never got to sleep before 12.30…I turned off the alarm and never actually got up until 8am
…I did however manage to make dinner, have beds made, laundry all done(well washed) hovering done and a little bit of exercise before 10am.
Ok so it was only a chili made in the slow cooker/crockpot..that was actually finished a few hours later.
Bed are only duvets.
I have a big washing machine so I can get a lot in each load
Hoovering was only done downstairs….
The exercise was the homework from Bubbles and TBL….easy peavey..NOT!!!!
……….But the bannister is still in place and the oxygen tank was not needed!

Oh yeah and I went to the drugstore and bought some dressings for G's leg…while away (playing soccer) he hurt his leg and he has a huge graze….Well I went to the store…I found the dressings…but what I wanted to buy and what was there might have been two different things….So one of the staff said Hello in English…so I pounced on this and tried to explain what i needed….She was not quite getting it!…I tried explaining a graze and that it was weeping…So I got out my trusty translator on my phone….I wrote graze…she had no idea…I wrote weeping….She asked if I was crying…REALLY…do i look like I am crying????….
So i look up a graze picture and after a few humms are ahhhhhs she got it….I found some Western brands which was close to the same price as filling my car up with petrol and she let me know it was not a good choice…I think the look and sound she made actually made me realize she was not impressed with the over priced western brand….What she gave me I think we needed tape as well….Oh the choices…white, clear, brown thick, thin, expensive or cheap…..REALLY!!!! I wanted tape arrggghhhh!!!!!!

I had lunch with GL, she brought me a beautiful picture frame. I just need a picture now of the both of us in there…problem is I DONT DO PHOTOGRAPHS!!!
Also had our 13th session of Brownies…(can't believe we have only done 13 sessions…seems a lot more!)

I did also find my backside dent in the sofa and got comfy…while watching Cranford..I am a sucker for a period drama……..

Pages read of book…ZERO!!! Doing well huh???

My plan for tonight is to actually go to sleep earlier and get up earlier and have everything done before J goes to school, because I am actually going to the gym tomorrow as I have no choice….I will be there I promised…..REALLY I did…ANY NEED…Should have fibbed and said I could not make it..

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