February 25, 2012

I am finally catching up on the blog….G is out there playing in a soccer tournament in horrible nasty cold rain and I sat in the warm with a good view of the pitch.
So I can actually say .."Yes i did see the the games" and so I won't be telling fibs…But I can honestly tell you…I have not taken any notice…I can tell you the oppersite team is currently wearing pink…baby pink!…But that is about it…as far as goals and such I 'm not interested and don't care…well not until they all come in and warm up and have their lunch and i will try and put the yeah, and really's and fantastic's in all the right places.

We are back from Guam, the day after we arrived back I went to do a little shopping in one of the local stores and I knew I was back…..The smell of over cooked roasted Asian sweet potatoes…Come on REALLY…you have to burn EVERY batch???? You can't clean that machine….I think you can….or even get a new one…because let me tell you …it stinks
Why I go to that store I have no idea…oh yes i do…because it it the cleanest looking…not that the others are not clean there are older and minging…REALLY!
Then I go over to a little convince store later in the day and get some money out of the ATM (the machine offers english…more than some of the banks here…REALLY!) and the smell of pungent boiled fish water hits you before you even get to the doors…again..ANY NEED????
There is a metal contain on each counter with about 8 sections and food on sticks are placed in the water to cook/keep warm….The smell…(I am actually feeling sick just typing about this) is disgusting…absolutely minging! REALLY, there is no NEED!

So…. the morning we travelled to Guam I seemed to have a complete melt down on the way to the airport…just before i drove onto the highway, I was convinced that I had left my wallet…G always tells me if you have your passport and purse you will be fine…so thinking I had left my wallet sent me into a right panic…Well I did have my wallet…and while I was checking I also made sure I had our passports….for the 96th time!!!!
Well we drive to Narita, no traffic…even though whenever I seen red lights ahead I was convinced there was traffic and we would not make it to the airport….but we did.
I called the car company, they EVENTUALLY came and collected the car…off we went and checked in to what looked like the longest line in history…it wasn't but it was close I am sure. we get on the plane….and we have the aisle and the middle seat. The women who is sat next to the window, THINKS she is getting my aisle seat…She did think wrong, REALLY she did.
She must have thought that she was going to sit with the 3 women who were oppersite her. Well let me tell you….it was NOT happening..REALLY it was not! I don't sit in the middle seat and I especially DONT sit in the window seat…REALLY I don't!!!!
Off we fly, we land in Guam…lovely weather…went into our hotel. We were told we were upgraded…upgraded! REALLY, what planet did she think I was coming from?
Later in the evening I asked about the upgrade…I asked what we could have possibly upgraded from…a shack? Well I asked to see a down grade and funnily enough we were shown a upgrade…bigger and cleaner room. While the other room was not dirty as such…nothing removing EVERYTHING from the room, blasting the room with something ( no idea what but something) then bringing fresh paint and furniture and lovely fresh pressed bedding would make a million times better.
Well….the weather was lovely while we were there, the ocean was beautiful, J had fun, I relaxed…If G had been there it would have been perfect…REALLY I mean that, if G had been there it would have.
On the way back, the plan was G would land one hour before J and myself and he would get the car and we would all drive back together.
We sat on the plane and we waited to take off…and we waited and we waited.
People were allowed off the plane while they waited for somebody from the US to send a fax to say that it was ok to fly. We were told that it was 4am in the US so that was the delay…so I am guessing no 24 hour help desks…because planes only fly 9-5 US times…WHATEVER!
I sent G a message, hoping he would pick it up when he landed. he managed to call me to tell me he had landed an hour early..Wonderful..NOT
Which meant I would be driving home from Narita…come on ANY NEED!!! …Well we are back and we had a great time…REALLY even with my complaining we did

Man I have been good this week, I made bread..well the machine did…I made beef stew and it was eaten and I was asked for more!!! I also made yogurt and it is on its way to being Greek yogurt….
Go me!!!!

I have also decided this week that all Starbucks flavor drinks are toooo sweet. I was excited to see a new flavor, it was orange creme brûlée….it is MINGING!!!! yuck…Then I ordered another drink a couple of days later and a couple of ladies had a taste and they were like that is sweet…I typed that as I pulled the face I had when i started drinking the drink….So I might just have to stick with water.

Not long and we are off to Miami…while I can't wait as I have never been to Miami, I am not looking forward to the long journey for such a short time. J will love it…I will love that he loves it…J and G will take the traveling in their stride…I will COMPLAIN to anyone and everyone!

Seems we will be doing a fair bit of traveling this year…well we need to keep the old air miles ticking over. Also trying to add another trip within in a trip…Kinda of mentioned it to G and then keep mentioning it in front of people when G is around…hoping he takes the bait….not biting yet…but I will keep trying…I REALLY should take the bull by the horns and say we are going here…but I have found that does not always work…
A very wise women whom I don't have a blog name for…But I could call her LessCarbsK once told me…don't say this or that let them think its their idea….and I have tried that on occasions and it REALLY does work…but sometimes I don't have the time…not I don't have the time..It's more I CAN"T wait!!!
I will say he has not said no…but the tickets have not been booked….you can see where I am coming from right?

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You can make a trip to come and see me. :) From J in SK.