September 15, 2012

Has it REALLY been since June that I have lasted posted???? REALLY!

Well during that time I have not blogged what has been happening here????

Hummmm...Well We went on holiday/vacation. So I got to spend quiet a few hours with a a 1000 people on a plane...yuck, yuck and more yuck!!!!
When the plane has landed and everyone has gotten off and the cleaning crew go onto the plane...I have always wondered how much cleaning they do???? Seriously .... Think back to when you have been waiting to board a plane...and the cleaning crew are leaving the plane...they only ever seem to have a couple of trash bags that don't really look full.
I don't see hoovers/vacuums, I don't see industrial strength cleaning products...I mean come on REALLY...Looking in the toilet does not mean you have cleaned it!!!!
I mean it could take...and I am only guessing here ....A few gallons of bleach for each sink. sink...Industrial toilet cleaner that kills all known germs and a few extra.... I mean come on really its a no brainer...Even I could work that one out. All seats need to be hoovered/Vacuumed...all those nasty little things on top of the head rests need replacing....REALLY they do! I mean you don't know if the man in the seat before you had lice or a really bad scalp condition that was contagious to the next passenger....REALLY you don't.

While I will NEVER win, House keeper of the year even I know whats needed...I mean I could supervise!!!!

Well apart from my flying with my 1000 new friends ( I mean REALLY I have to say that they are new friends...because you share things with your friends right...and if your going to sharing that closely surely your now all friends....Hopefully friends I WILL NEVER SEE AGAIN...)
The trip was great...I was not that amused at the top of the CNN tower...When J was stomping on the glass floor....No need to be that high up with a glass fall...I mean come on people...REALLY..lets not be encouraging people here...REALLY NO NEED AT ALL!!!!

Baseball game was ok...the women in front soon learnt to stop throwing her head backwards into my lap when I start slapping things into my lap (needed to do that at the sighing and the 'Holy Moly's' where just not working....I mean I had my kindle to read and this mop of red curly hair that needed taming that kept covering my kindle was starting to get to me a bit...The sun on only our part of the stadium was also not helping... Ok so it was 3 hours (that felt longer) That I will never get back...but hey ho...everything is tickity boo...on Holiday so lets have fun!!!

The women in the New York hotel asking how I would know about attitudes....Hummmm because I have enough of it myself...that I could properly be a Professor of Attitudes...Sarcasm maybe should be my middle name!!!!
Also the fact that when I asked a question and your answer with the rolled eyes pretty much confirmed my suspicions that you were a obnoxious cow...but hey it takes one to know right....

No REALLY the trip was REALLY was...No plans to rush back there
Anyone needed so travel ideas email me and I will let you know on what NO to do or where NOT to go.

We also went home to the UK...Spent time with the niece and nephew...How dare they grow up!!!
No amused at all. The kids had no idea we were coming home for a visit...seeing my nieces face when she realized who was walking towards was awesome.
Then going to pick up my nephew later on with my sister, getting out the car and shouting "Oy you" and watching his face was another awesome moment. Those two kids ROCK!!!!

I have also finished the 12WBT challenge and I started it again.
Great first attempt. So much support from everyone.
...BUT...yes there had to be a but. I have become a REAL miserable cow...REALLY I have.
I have tried to work thought it but was like fighting my way through a pile of extra thick wet paper bags.
So at my last Dr's appointment, The Dr's was like wow look at you...Made me smile...not as much as before because like I say...miserable cow here!!!
She asked I was with the life and the diet and blah blah blah. I then explained how I was lately. She said she thought it was the diet...She explained maybe because before I would eat when I was sad, Eat when I was happy...So no I needed to find a new outlet...
....I quickly explained that No I never ate just when I was happy or when I was sad I ate ALL the time...And unless she could give me pills that were sugar coated and felt like 500 calories but was sugar free...I could not see anything helping....
So no pills like that it seems...REALLY there is nothing like that out there.
So...I decided instead of just saying I needed a kick I needed to actually kick myself.
So yesterday morning I work up and did think about kicking myself until I realized I might get a sore leg and a bruise...

Also have to tell you This Silly computer (please note I did not type STUPID computer, Because before that kick I never gave myself I would have typed STUPID and maybe another colourful word or two!!!)
...So this silly computer that I still cant doing strange things...The screen keeps getting bigger....NO...not the actual screen the words and all.

While I was in the UK I bought a few pairs of shoes ALL the same...Well I figured I liked them and I wont be able to buy them again, certainly not in Japan. So I tried all expect one set. That one I just tried the right foot and I am I assumed (yes I know NEVER assume) That it would be ok....I paid and rushed out the shop....I took the one pair out of the shoe cupboard last week and went to take the sticker off to find that they had given me 2 right shoes...REALLY they did...
The shoes are very flat but they roll up and to make your life easy they have put a letter in each one. R in the right shoe and the letter L in the left shoe...I am sure with the type of shoe you could wear either on either foot...but come on REALLY I can't do that...It will not be good for my psychologic (think I spelt that right...Hope I have spelt a whole load of other words correct also....oh well...)
Yes as I was saying it will not be good for my psychologic way of thinking!
So I called the store...but was unable to connect with the store. But there was an option to call head office which I did.
Very nice lady....I explained calmly what had happened...I did not once mention that the women who served was me must be thick...(because that would not have been nice!) So They said they would find a store that had the shoes in that colour etc, etc...Well I get a email said that the store I had actually bought the shoes from actually had that style shoes...but only in 2 lefts... REALLY...Sherlock Holmes would be proud at this moment I image...following the clues to the store that had sold 2 right shoes and they only had 2 left shoes left....Wow...some people are just tooooo clever!!!! REALLY there are...who would have thought it!
So they are holding the shoes for me! Bless them

I know think I truly in love...not addicted to Pinterest...this site is the best...
For those of you who have no idea what pinterest is...I will explain it in my way....
There are all different categories...I tend to only use the Food and drink and the DIY and crafts
Then you you click on a category and all this pictures come up on the screen. So I have found baked sweet and sour (which is awesome by the way) Cola chicken, lettuce wraps. you then click the picture and it should take you to a blog that has instructions on how to make or do what ever you have clicked on. You then make your own boards and you can repin, like or comment.
I love it!
I have pined crafts that I properly will NEVER DO!!!!
But it makes me happy...I think
Well this week while just perusing the site I found a blog for a women who blogs about what she done Pinterest that have gone wrong!!!...this women Made me laugh out so loud, that I was told to be quiet by G and J....

I have been walking almost everyday with my exercise buddy...Can't remember what name we decided on for the blog....Well anyhow we are walking pretty much 10 km a day.
We start walking at 5 am (it is cool enough and I don't feel the need to stop after every 2 minutes at that time of the morning) Well we go to a local park for our walk. Let me tell you at 5am it is busy there. Well now we have been going long enough that we get a 'Ohio gazamus'(Japanese for good morning) from everyone (all Japanese) Some try saying good morning and it's VERY HOT in english (bless them)
Well there is one women there who I am guess is around 108 years old. Everyday she is there...She walks and then runs and then produces her note book and pencil...The runs and then walks and has a greeting for EVERYONE...and gets out her notebook again...First time I was worried she was heading in our direction....Not because I did not want to be friendly...but I was like oh no...bit early for this and what could she possible want us to do with that notebook....but everything was ok...she walked passed us. I thought maybe she is using the notebook to mark how many times she walks around the park...but if she is she must be writing the longest format of 1 lap, 2 laps, 3 laps....because that pencils is moving pretty fast for a long time.

Also two new names for the blog
Scout and Pinky...

Oh yeah my phone hates me!!!
REALLY it does. Not even throwing it helps. I try and turn it off or go to something else and it's like the phone is not ready. Seems when it has finished reading a email or facebook it will move on...until then not a hope. Silly phone!

oh...I am holding out for new wedding rings....Since I have lost weight i have needed to change my rings to my other hand...hoping the hint is getting through....I doubt it but I can hope...
So this might be an on going saga....Just to let you know

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