March 25, 2012

Spring break has begun….is this a good….Ohhhh the joys!!!!

Friday i was driving back from somewhere and I happened to drive passed the bottle store/office license/ liquor store whatever you call you…
Well….. There was this man struggling with his trolly/cart. it was around lunchtime…(yes I am sure it was happy hour somewhere in the world) … So I watched and seen it was not the trolleys fault, it was the guy….he had started his happy hour a lot sooner than most….It was like watching a comedy sketch…maybe you had to be there to see it….but he was looking surprised every time he took his hand of the cart and it rolled backwards….it was just too funny…maybe like I said you needed to be there…but I could have sat , watched and laughed at him for ages…simple things ~ simple minds…
Maybe cause I was stressing about my night out

I got to speak with Yeti Moo yesterday…We talked quickly about maybe meeting up somewhere.
She mention Singapore….maybe I can convince her somewhere else. …May be I can convince G…to part with some points….

My New addiction….'Draw something'…. I love it!!! some people are not right in the head…you have to see what they draw… They need to explain to a DR what they are drawing!!!

Friday I went into Tokyo with the girls to 'the lockup'…..
So we go to the train station…(the nervousness had already started about getting on a train earlier that day)
So i take my train card out and suddenly realize that I might not have any money on it. So Hedgepig takes me to show me how to check…
We go through into the train station and start walking…..down into the bowls of the earth!!! REALLY!
I am sure we were quite close to the earths core by the time we actually got to the train.
We all get onto the train and I think EVERYONE else in Yokohama did the same thing thing.
One man who was stood by where I was sat, decided he had an itch….I think he needed to get off the train and go see somebody.ASAP!!!! Somebody in the medical profession I am thinking!!!!
We get off the train…walk to the wrong pace, but soon go to the correct place.
AGAIN towards the bowls of the earth, but not quite there.
We were asked who was the naughty/bad person in the group, …well we all pointed to the only one we could…she was then handcuffed and lead to our cell
I am sure you could kick your way out of the place through the wall if need be,…I am sure)
We all sat on the floor around a table and then the cell door was closed. The waiter came in sat on the floor at the door. and took the orders for the rest of the drinks. one of the things he bought back kind of looked like beef….I looked at it again, then I looked again and realized it was something nasty like liver or heart…YUCK, YUCK, YUCK and more YUCK!!! So i put it back in the dish…(I did not try it ) TBL said don't do that!!!…..well it was not staying in that cell….so when the man came back with other food, i handed the dish back and kept shaking my head until he took it away …
Then came the test tubes with what we believe was coloured and flavored alcohol. A science flask of milk and a beaker of ice. It did taste better than my vodka with the dry ice….
Then after 45 minutes to an hours…the place went pitch black and sirens where going….then people with masks where climbing on top of the cell….sticking their heads in the openings….I will say that there were a few screams
Lots and lots of laughter….I have not laughed so much since the weekend before before!
We then came home on the train….there was a train already in, but it was PACKED again. So we waited for the next one, but walked to the very end of the station and stood where there was no cover (raining cats and dogs) ….so nobody else was there….Well we RUSHED onto that train and we got seats….I was sat with Hedgepig trying to upload pictures, when the system would allow it…..
When I felt something on my leg….I was not sure if the man stood in front of me had wee'd on my leg…yes I did type WEE'D. I looked at hedgepig and said he has just peed on my leg…She looked quickly, she said no it is his umbrella…I looked and sure enough there was a small umbrella, all ATTACHED..yes ATTACHED to his coat…I mean…REALLY…I remember putting J's gloves through his coat so he would not lose them….but ATTACHING your brolly…come on love…ANY NEED????
I think he got the message I was not amused…he moved slightly…not enough for my liking but some.

yesterday was a nice lazy day, went out for a Bollywood night in the evening….but I wanted to check what was being served…so I went into the club kitchens and asked for a sample….I really liked the salad they made…never had a salad like it before…I want to say it was either chopped chick peas or lentils…whatever it was, it was pretty good.

We leave for Miami tomorrow…you know I will be writing about that! Something will not be right, or make will just make me stand and stare, until G will say STOP STARING!!!! and properly start drag me away because I been staring to long or made a comment a bit to loud. (sometimes I say things in mind…but they come out of my mouth…REALLY they do…These words just pop out!) … So I have already had a scare, thought I had lost J's alien card….So I causally mentioned to G…about alien cards, and how much might we actually need them to leave or come back into the country…He knew straight away I had lost one of them either mine or J's….But i pointed out I had misplaced it….I actually thought the naughty fairy might have moved it, because I ALWAYS keep it with his passport….We have credit card size alien cards…the kids here have double that size and they are made of paper….and the only times it is needed i gather until he is older is in and out the country….
Well i did find it…it was in the folder I took to Guam with all the other papers for that trip….I KNOW I DID NOT PUT IT THERE!!!!! REALLY I did not…

I think I am going to have to get me some english appliances that talk to me!!!
My Mike~Row~Wave kind of talks to me…and sings at me when it is finished doing what i have asked it to do….Problem is…it is Japanese…still ONLY THINKING about taking Japanese lessons…so Mike~Row~wave is only a standby friend….I need a full on ENGLISH SPEAKING appliances….

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