May 12, 2012

Good morning world….. Well I have been awake since before 5 am, G was like like you know its only 5 o'clock??? Well I did know….and since I have been downstairs I have finished a craft, started a craft and looking to start another…..and I have CLEANED the tops of all the door frames….no idea why I suddenly thought….Ohhhh the tops of the door frames need a wipe…..I mean REALLY. Starbucks…..Well the time has arrived that we have to pay to park there….I mean REALLY? There actually are meters in front of Starbucks…..but NOBODY has pained for years…. So here is my suggestion….as we need to use less electric in Japan…TURN OFF the meters. REALLY….I only need the parking space for a very long 1/2 hour…REALLY that is all. …This week while in Starbucks, I decided that there should be sign…."PLEASE DON"T BEND OVER IF YOUR SKIRT IS SHORTER THAN A CURTAIN PELMET, OR IF YOU THINK YOUR SWEATER IS A DRESS AND IT IS NOT!!!!…And I will tell you why. A young women was at the counter being served….She could not decide what she wanted to eat and she must have thought that whatever was on the bottom shelf looked nice and decided to take a closer look….Well I got the pleasure of seeing tomorrows washing!!!! If she had been in an English speaking country I would have said to her…..sweetie while he might like to see your stocking and your knickers…it's not something I want to see over my mango frappe!….I mean ANY NEED? The pool was supposed to open today…BUT it's not, it will open next week. While the pool was filling this week, I was at the club and thought hummmm wonder if thats cold….so I went in and sat in the shallow end…It was not that cold! ……..Yesterday while I was at the club, the team J had played against in soccer walked past us and 2 of our team were standing there….The away team where awesome…the first kid past shook hands and said thank you to two of our team players that were with us….how awesome is that. While I am typing this there is another advert/info commercial on….They are trying to sell a chair…that clicks into the position you want….and you can even lay down with it…I am thinking hummmm that does not look very long…(it also has no legs so it is basically a cushion with hard bits inside and joints) so the lady on TV makes the chair flat and then….sits on it and pulls something from the end up….making it looking like a bar on a theme park ride and she starts doing exercises….REALLY…it come in bright pink, navy or black…..oh my! I wish I could understand what they are saying in some of these adverts….. Right think it is late enough to start banging around the house…. Everyone has to get up as sometime right and if I am up so should they be!

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