May 9, 2012

Oh my it's been awhile….and you know what I just can't remember what I have been up to…REALLY I can't. Well I can remember some bits but not lots…and no not because I was drunk and blacked out….. ….But I have found karaoke…I don't think the people at the bar were too impressed that I had found karaoke. The way the one guy had his head in his hand and shaking his head gave me my first clue. ….And….the club is getting it's own karaoke system, where I have informed them I will require my own microphone. Not because of germs, but because I WANT MY OWN ONE!!!! I am not good at sharing!!!! I WANT TO SING… well not what I do is actually singing….even I know that…but I don't care!!! It is amazing what alcohol can do…REALLY it is…I even manage to get on trains without have a panic attack…REALLY gotta love vodka! Also I have found that i like some champagne..REALLY I do…it does not all taste like corned beef! only some of it. Bubbles…I thank you…not so sure G will…but oh well! So there is a load of kids outside in the park everyday except weekends with their mums….there is a man there who seems to run this group….I used to see him with what i would gather were his 3 children and he would be wearing a hat that was a cross between JR's stetson and a park rangers hat….well he would be carrying a big rucksack/backpack and so would his children who did not older than may be 8. They always looked as if they were on a trekking holiday…not sure where the vacation spot is here in Yokohama…may be in the park across the road???? …Well away way this guy like I said seems to be running the group….The mum's park their car along the road…(which is illegal by the way!…just thought i would throw that in!!!) You can hear him running the group…I think he is trying to teach them English along the way….I have heard the birthday song once or twice… It is lovely to hear the kids laughing and their squeals of delight…REALLY it is……BUT…yes there is a but….There seems to be one kid that is a pain….So mostly I hear this kids name being called….REALLY….I mean come on people sort this kid out….or start calling him by a different name….it's doing my head in! It is a Bit like the kid playing the same notes on their instrument for months!!!!! Every afternoon…..have not heard it for a while…may be they have stopped playing, or have gone to a different house to annoy the neighbors…but I am thinking it's more likely because it has been so cold and all windows have closed that I have kept my sanity…but I am sure now it has warmed up I will be hearing something soon…..I am surprised the kids parents have not stopped the noise themselves…because I am telling you this I would have sacked the teacher by now!!! REALLY I would have! Been looking around at what to do while on our holiday. G found that the theme park close to where we are staying is opening the biggest ride in Canada…so guess were we will be heading…oh well I will have my kindle with me!!! Started to pretty much have come together. The holiday…not the ride…I am hoping the ride is totally put together. We had the school family fun day….the problem was there was a used book stall…. Well I had made a promise to myself and to G, that I would not bring anymore books home….Well I broke that promise….and I don't think G was impressed that I stayed awake until 4.30am reading…oh well…I stayed awake the following day, no nap needed, maybe because I never got up until 11~ish. Last weekend myself and a few other fantastic ladies cooked a dinner which was a silent auction prize and the money went to Tohoku The winners were asked what they don't eat ( no not so we would serve them that…REALLY)….They had no idea of what was on the menu. We went to one of the winners home and cooked them their surprise dinner. Which went down REALLY well!…cleaned plates…Fantastic. Then when i was talking to one of the winners this week, she told me that while she had said her husband did not eat a specific food she had forgotten to say he did not eat salmon. …but he cleared his plate. So a triumph there I think! Oh my that guy is blowing his whistle now….They are stood around you for goodness sake….You shout constantly…Carry on you might lose your voice….We can but hope! Not sure If I mentioned that I had planted some seeds and some seedlings. Well all except the parsnips everything is growing fantastic …REALLY Well I think I might have ONE parsnip in a couple of months…I did planet a lot of parsnips seeds but until last week NOTHING…now there are two little green leaves both very different looking. I am assuming the one that looks like the carrot leaves is my ONE and ONLY parsnip….well a parsnip is only a white carrot…right…or is that a carrot is only an orange parsnip??? The beets seem to have had a growth spurt this week, I have only managed to produce ONE strawberry. J was NOT impressed by it either!!!! …..but when I looked this morning, I noticed my first snow peas….REALLY….YAYYYYY My broccolini seems to have decided that it has given up on me picking it and now looks like a weed sprouting yellow flowers…..Which may be how it meant to be…I am doubting it…but well… The coriander/cilantro finally has decided to perked up…about time…properly won't get a meal out of it... While I have been typing this I found a movie in English that has not been dubbed…(seems they want to dub all movies here now on TV…REALLY, there is NO NEED!!!!) Well it was an old move…'OK Corral' Well if they wild west was like that I am mover there….serious I always thought it was meant to be hard work and stink!!!! Seems not…I was sensing a New York loft feel….lovely china dinner set…Bet they hand bubble wrap in those days…they must have cause there is no way those bumpy roads would not have broken all that china…..While I know it was use a movie….they are meant to get it sort of correct right????? Oh my that guy has the kids singing now….hummmm I know I come from the land of male voice choirs…and I except to hear group music pretty much in tune….but come on mate…take them all in doors to sing! REALLY you need to…I wonder if the rain will stop them singing???? We can only hope!

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aussiemama said...

You are too funny ! Love to know what champagne you've been drinking that tastes like corned beef!!!!!!
Karoeke is a LOT of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!