August 22, 2010

Well……. I have found a way to have 2 of my 5 recommended fruit and veggies….A sea breeze or two!
Cranberry and Grapefruit juice with a splash of the magic juice!
So I am figuring that if I drink enough of these I am going to be super healthy!!!!
Also the fact that they are on the Happy hour menu is even better…So for ¥500, so I am getting a bargain and being good!!!!

Know as I type this I have to say I have had a few of these Sea breezes. I think I might need to cut back on the fruit juice…the fruit juice seems to be making be a little giddy!!!
Oh yeah I had a China blue as well..well that Lychee magic juice in I have had 3 of the daily 5…man how good am I?????

So today was a good day. I dropped J off at school and went to Starbucks. I ordered a coffee…why I have no idea. I don’t like Coffee. This one was not too bad…But Still not a fan of coffee.

The other ladies there were LOVELY. I came home did some housework…yes I did say housework, well my version of housework.

Tried to sort out the office. I am soooo glad G was not here. I moved, stacked, threw, lifted and I might have even kicked something. (The kick was on purpose) it looks 95% better than 20 minutes after I started. Thinking I still have a lot to do...........Like at least 55% to finish it

Yesterday I stayed out for wayyyyyyyyyy to long. If J had have been out that long I would have lost it. And made him drink pints of water come home and shower apply after sun lotion etc…But no….no not me..I mean why would I need to do that???
Then for some STUPID reason I started twisting in the water…. I felt a bit like the way the Sea breeze fruit juice is making me feel right now….

Sooooo then I had a soft drink that I might be allergic to. My lips blew up like I had Botox injections.
My lips started going dowe and then I had another drink of the same stuff and my lips blew up again….Who knew???? So now the question is do I try the drink again? May be it was not that?
If it was that shall I just put up with it????…well I really like the drink.

I am also pondering another question….why in Japan do they not have an on/off button for the radio…well normal as in other countries…press a button and the radio is off press it again and it come on…Maybe I am missing something. But it seems I am not the one where to turn off the volume/radio/CD etc you have to turn it right down …Well will pass a safety test in The UK right…Hummm thinking NOT!!!!
Saying that I do love something called Music catcher. You play a CD and press record and it records the song on the CD and stores it and when you have no CD or radio is the news is on you press CM …love it!!!! Well that function is in the TANK!!!! Not my lovely red car that I don’t have any longer…(cause he stole it!!! Hubby that is)

Tomorrow I am off to pick up my new cell phone….4G here I come…Now thinking this might be a problem to use..I can’t use my PC or iPod touch. So I must remember not to put peoples number in who live in a different time zone..cause I might hit their number while trying to do something that I should not be doing…. Ohhhhhhhhh well

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