January 1, 2011

Well Happy New Year World!!!!!
What will 2011 bring apart from a Royal Wedding?
Snow in the Sahara? Dallas brought back to our TV’s with Bobby Ewing returning from the dead AGAIN?
Me to carry on being positive….. Huh nope can’t really see any of it really.

So our New Year Eve was different, started when we went to the shrine at the end of our street.
People where queuing to buy a wish paper…well I think they were. On this paper they would write a wish and then burn the paper. Also they would pick a piece of paper which would tell them the type of lucky they will have for the next year. Now as I am new here this is only my understanding. Now when I am leaving in 3 years time I still won’t know anymore then than I do know.

I am guess pretty soon I will have to start my New Year resolutions. When do I actually need to start them, now?????.....REALLY?
Because before I start them I have a few jobs from last year that I need to do…like clean the car.
Sort the office out…..Yes still need to sort it out. Get rid of stuff…well I will when I know which bin to throw it in!

One thing I am looking forward to is taking the Christmas tree down….doing my head in!
Wish I was not so superstitious, but I am. So until Wednesday up they stay.
Looking at the tree now think…arrggghhhhh hope this won’t take long to take down and put away!
I mean Christmas is over in 2 minutes why can’t putting all the bits and bobs (a lot of bits and bob granted) be put away quickly?

I have decided I want to write a book (HAHAHA) .
When JH was staying with us a few years ago at New Year I mentioned it then and started and never finished. While in the office a few weeks ago I found what I started before.
JH was a character, with a twist…..I think I will have to start again but with some new people mixed in with my original characters.
Best seller I think…… (NOT!!!)

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