July 19, 2011

So have to say Jamie has falling in love with baby R. It would be a hard to not. Trying to think of ways to take to take him home. I was thinking hand luggage, well he is under 12 kg and as I have a kindle I don't need to buy books and so that will save weight. Just wondering what the people on the xray machine will think as my pull along goes through with a baby in.... Not sure I could get him past his mum any way ....
SoM might have something to say as I tried boarding the plane with her angels as well.
Went and seen Harry plopper, I mean Harry Potter. Much better than the last one, but come on makeup department you need a bit more make up on them to age them!!!!
Bought Jamie some new shoes. Well seems they were 1 1/2 sizes different each shoe. Hummm really ~ sorted now but the guy seemed put out that I had returned odd sized shoes ~ well it's on the box he said. Well it was not stated I said and your writing need works !!! But shoes changed.

Have to tell you I am ready to go home. I want MY bed.
I want my stove and washing machine.
Also my body is crying out for veggies ~ seems the veggies in a chow mein don't count, curries, mushy peas and the limp bit of lettuce in a Tesco's sandwich does not count either ~ oh well

"Sometimes I lie awake at night, and ask, 'where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night"
Charles M. Schulz

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