July 14, 2011

So, we drove to Washington DC without any problems. We decided to get in the car and stop for breakfast sling the way. Well we are in America, we will find a good breakfast right? ~ WRONG. We drove along and after about an hour we said we stop at the next place we find. We picked the only extremly bad place, I think!!! We decide to have Cinabonn, they were AWFUL... There was one choice, the women serving looked like she could do with a holiday/vacation. She looked at me as if I had green horns on my head when I asked for a bottle of water... We then carried on driving to Washington. I having to tell you, DC was pretty awesome....meeting with friends also made the trip.
The only let down for me and it was a let down was there was not water in the Reflecting pool. Looked pretty manky (where the reflecting should be) but otherwise I loved it ~ so did G and J.
We flew to Boston on 'Jet Blue' I love Jet Blue...yes I love something!!!
It was fantastic, leg room, good service, flight on time and so I could on. In fact I would have been happy to fly back to Europe with them. Have to say Jet Blue could teach the other airlines a thing or two! The flight attendants never gave the impression they were doing us a favor by being on the plane ~ I know that can't be the easiest job ~ but come on some of the flight attendants make you wish you had a seat out on the wing of the plane where you can't disturb them... I know not all are like that but there are many who are.
We get to Boston, go pick up our car ~ again lovely people (unlike some of the other car rental places I have seen) gps was not so lovely, she seemed to have a few issues being a gps, one being she had no idea where she was going!!!
We Spent two days in Verere went to the movies 2 days running. First day we went and seen Transforms ~ I can't comment on this movie as I slept for most of of the movie. Next day I went and seen Bridesmaids and G and J watch Green Lantern.
We then drove to MH and stayed with Queenie and family which was awesome ~ we had a really relaxing time. Went on a Duck tour of Boston, went for dinner, laser tag (not me the others) had our first 4th of July, watched fireworks, met new people (All absolutly fantastic) Queenie and family your fantastic hosts!!!
We then drove to back to NY to get our flight back. We drove for a couple of hours and decided to pull of and get some lunch, while looking for somewhere I see a Italian pastry shop. Well ~ I have always wanted to try a cannoli, so off I head and find I can have the original or chocolate and they ranged in size. I went for the small traditional version .... YUCK!!!! I really disliked this and won't be eating another!!! Again, YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!
Well we get to the airport. Checked in, that gave me a headache!!! Seems you need to use a machine before you get to a person... Well when we did get to an actual real human we decided to upgrade to economy plus ~ hahaha, joke was on us!!!!
Well let me tell you, we paid to be kicked by people climbing over us rather than walk an extra few feet. I kept calm (the lovely flight attendant had already told us she was aware and watching) well it got worse and worse. Like I said I kept calm but started to get very, very angry. Within an hour we were moved to nice seats which never including being kicked!!!!

"Sometimes I lie awake at night, and ask, 'where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night"
Charles M. Schulz

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