July 2, 2011

Well we flew back to Wales, nice and easy trip. J never slept the whole way which would really blow him out of whack for a few days.
I ate more than I planned or even should have straight away!
So I have had Chippy, Chinese and Indian.... Still not had a Gregg's Cheese savory...But i will!!!!!
So we landed, went to GMoJ unloaded...met the most adorable little boy...who gives lovely cuddles. I have fallen in love and want 10 just like him!!!
The drove to see family....nobody seemed to recognize J...my sister realized when she seen G and I...lol 
Seeing my amazing niece and nephew and GS was worth the few thousand miles!!! Good to see others as well.
We went to set up a new bank account...easy right ..WRONG!!!
I am not going into that one...but I will say what should have taken an hour max took about 4!!!
took two days to sort out new glasses....come on ANY NEED?????
On Saturday we took J to Barry Island which will always be known to J as home of Gavin and Stacy....
Went in the arcades... J and G played Guns ( I know...) I  played on the 2p slots that you drop the 2p in and it pushes money over the edge....I was soooo close to winning..but G cut me off....after playing around 2 pounds worth I am sure I only needed about 30p more to win around 50 p.....
Had a lovely family fathers day lunch...everywhere was full...but I pulled the I live in Japan card and I am never home...blah blah...table for 9 was found!!!!
Then we flew to the US on Tuesday....Pretty good flight...was put into the longest que in immigration..then the longest line at the counters...at least another 2 plane loads of people were seen before us!!!! 
J was not to good on the flight...not his usual self... but kept insisting he was fine
We went into New York next day...Went to the Statue of liberty and Ellis island...not happy with the choppy waters!!!!
J went and danced on the key board in that toy store that I cant spell the name of and i am sure spell check is not physic!
Then we walked up 5th and were outside Tiffany's when G said you want to buy a ring...Hummm do I???? Of course...so we bought a new ring that matches my chain...and we had champers...and it did not taste like corn beef...all champers take like corn beef to me...well normally...
J was looking peaky, but wanted to keep going, but we decided to head back...went to the hotel and asked for a Dr...went to the local ER (which was awesome!!!) and they said he was asthmatic..then did a chest x-ray and found he has pneumonia...poor kid...He was given lots of meds which are awesome I might add...
So we drove to the other side of New Jersey yesterday...laundry all done...go me!!!!
Then I was in the Gym at 6.17am this morning...so another go!!!!!
Today we drive to Washington DC.....
Have a great day

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