July 30, 2011

After reading part of my last mumbling – I noticed a few errors… (Not the spelling and grammar we all know I have no chance with either of them) Like when I mentioned that I used tree oil used to help with the mossie bites… TREE OIL – REALLY!!! Come on Wend…TREE OIL, I mean what is TREE OIL??? Hummm TEA TREE OIL, Wend, TEA TREE OIL…I mean come on any need?
As you might have noticed apart from my name, NOBODY’S real names appear in this blog… Well GoMJ I think has only been mention once by the correct name…I have had GoJ, GoM but actually the same person…AGAIN, REALLY!!!!! I mean I could go on about all the other stuff but it’s giving me a headache just thinking about…really it is.
Have to tell you about the terrible time I am having….I think it’s my new glasses. Since I have had them, my hearing has gotten worse…REALLY it has... Yes I can image - you eye rolling as if to say ‘what is she going on about now’ But seriously since I have had had them my hearing has almost become none existent. I find myself either just smiling at people (I could be agreeing to anything if they are talking to me) because I have no idea if they are talking to me,or I find myself saying… What’cha just say or huh???? I am seem to get better results with just what’cha say?’ compared to ‘I am sorry could you repeat that again’ May be because they are so shocked I was being polite…who knows…All I know is my hearing is BAD, REALLT,REALLY BAD!!!!…Guessing I should not have gotten new glasses….silly me! (can’t remember if I have already moaned about this…if I have …then sorry but it really is that bad…if I have not, then more moaning will be coming along in the future, of that I am sure!)
This last week, I finished a few jobs in the house that I had wanted to do….
Extremely pleased with myself…started a couple of new project which I am enjoying more than I thought I would. So go me!!!!
Had a lovely evening with Miss. Williams who said a couple of things that made me wake up this morning seeing my world in a different light. Miss Williams, Thank you, you rock!!!!
P.S, I am sorry if you have earache….
We went for lunch today at Hard Rock, I suppose it looks like your being good when you have a big plate of salad…But I am sure the pecans, cheese, tortilla straws and dressing are not the best to have on the salad…but if they were not there I would not eat it…
Well while we were looking for a parking space we saw signs for charging your eclectic car. Where you could plug your car up to charge it…REALLY…how cool is that???? One of the cars even had the battery indicator when it shows you charging. It had 3 large blue led lights that were kinda dancing away…well one was not, only 2 and 3…guess the car had been charging awhile….Any way ..I love it!!! I want one in blue!
I told G what I wanted for Christmas this week…he just looked at me as if to say REALLY?...he really did…guess he has caught the really’s as well!
I really am thinking about Christmas already…well you have to don’t you??? I have to start thinking what to buy…I have no idea.
When J was little I am sure a lot of toys G picked where what he wanted to play with as well…(a few where far to old…like the Lego robot that connects to the PC (or something like that…I do believe it is still in the box…well put back in the box when G had finished with it)
Well I am finding that I am doing that now…I seen the new Wii gaming system – no idea if it’s already out on sale.
Do I think J wants it…has he shown any interest in it…NO! Do I think he will show any interest in it...NO!
Is it is me that would like it yes….But I am not asking Santa for it I have a list of my own for Santa!!!!

I am so happy 98 different countries have visited my blog…and it has been viewed over 3000 times AND….I have 14 followers….I would be doing a happy dance but the laptop is resting on my leg!!!! So my other leg is moving around in happiness instead of the happy dance.

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