May 17, 2011

Sunday morning I managed to get out of my bed… After the cola I drank at quiz night surprised I slept at all…But I did sleep not for long but I slept. We took J to soccer and I headed into the gym…well not straight away…But during the time I was messing around, I noticed G with a lovely big cooked breakfast and guess what? I was not jealous!!!!!! I did not think I want that breakfast, I had had my whole grain cereal for breakfast at home...(yummmm)

J and I then went to see Thor…..can’t say whether it was a good movie or not as I was failing to keep my eyes and open… My eyes were in so much pain...not from the movie but lack of sleep; well I think it was lack of sleep and not the movie.

On Monday I never made it to the gym ….Mrs. H had said that WE were sorting out my office, who needs the gym when Mrs. H is in full steam ahead mode? …well I might have mentioned the office once or twice before…I go in there look around, step over things…look at the books, find a book I want to read and then close the office door again…..Well I think to myself how can I cancel this AGAIN with Mrs. H? Because I have cancelled this before on a few occasions…I mean just the thought of cleaning that room gave me nightmares… So I am on the phone to Yeti Moo and the door bell rang…Mrs.H is here(NOOOOOOOOO!!!!) …guess I had left it too late to cancel or she was not giving me the option…Well what she was here earlier than she said she would and she was in FULL STEAM AHEAD mode…. Outcome was it I was a very happy bunny at the end of the day…Crafts all sorted…I can walk around the office…find what I need in the linen closet…and I happy to leave the office door open!
Thank you Mrs. H…. I know have an office to use...not just calling a room an office….Yayyyyyy.

So I was at the gym at 5.55am this morning…added to my workout…now I am off for some beans on toast!

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