May 12, 2011

This morning after seeing J off to school my rings and it's Shutter~Bug.... Another day made by a another fantastic individual... Thank you Shutter~Bug

It like winter here right now, can't believe it is May already... The sun should be shining, sun lotion should be out... But instead I am thinking I might need thermal knickers and Wellington boots!!!

So another day in the right direction,
I ate breakfast, I ordered a child's portion for lunch, a hearty soup for dinner and a dish of cherries an evening snack.... Plus I went to see Dan the man!!! I think he might dislike me... New exercise added... Dan the man said you don't have to do this exercise on your own... I assured him i had no intention off!!!!
Now I will be honest I was not feeling the positive vibe today, but by the time I got home I was doing good...well not sure about good, but I was in a better mood!
Which is a good job really as I give myself a headache when I am moody.

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