May 8, 2011

12 followers, 53 countries and over 1500 page views…now I need one more person from the US to look and I will have my 1st 100 view flag… I love it!!!!

So yesterday I was in a pretty awful mood!
I was not even very nice to myself…..
Went to see Dan the man….came home made some pasta salad…new recipe…(my own concoction )
Washed EVERY towel in the house for some reason….
I always wash my towels on a hot/boil/ hottest setting whatever terminology you use…but know after reading a magazine article…sorry after reading a headline in a magazine…could not be bothered really reading the whole thing. I now wash all my bedding on the hottest setting…let’s hope all bedding still fits the bed!
I spoke with Yeti Moo (hope you enjoy your mother’s day pressie)
Then I spoke with SoM and the 2 angels….Love you angels
Then spoke with GMoJ and heard another precious angel whom I am yet to met (can’t wait to get cwtchs/hugs) Spoke with MoM, I was in a lot better mood by the time I had finished (thank goodness, because it was not looking good)

So after doing that, we headed off to GL’s for a party, her lovely friend s are leaving and she throw a Sayonara party for her and her family.
Hence the reason I made pasta salad….
I met some new people, (No blog names for them as yet, but we will have soon I am sure)
These ladies had me crying with laughter, it’s been a while since I have laughed that much…thank you ladies you rock!!!!!
Last night GL produces a very expensive bottle of liquor, absolutely no idea what it was. It was brown I can tell you that…
So I get my drink, and I neck it…you know down the hatch in one…I thought it was a shot…it was LOVELY!!!!!
So I inform everyone that when I host a party all are welcome, but we don’t have expensive liquor like that…$20 may be if their lucky…to which G pipes up…$20 you mean 10 bucks!!!
GL and Hubby are awesome and throw a great Sayonara party!

I wake up this morning at 2am but quickly must have fallen back to sleep until 6am, I see the blue sky, sun shining and I know it is a walking morning, I am waiting to see if G is joining me.

Well it is mother’s day here and I don’t get to celebrate British mother’s day any more as we never know when it is…we have American and Japanese calendars…G and J are out today, J has a football/soccer game and it is an away game at a stadium, and they get a tour beforehand….Hope you enjoy it boys.

So today I am going to kick back, read my book and may be watch my movie….

Happy international mother’s day world


FabK said...

I think I made the US 101 views! Yeah Me! Fab K

Diary of me, REALLY said...

Thank you!!!!