May 7, 2011

REALLY, ANY NEED?!?!?......So I wake up at 2 am and I was awake until at least 4.30 am. Well 4.30 am was the time I last looked at the clock… This has happened once to many times.……Then I wake up and it’s raining…while I know water does not hurt, wont melt me…( I wish!!!) I am not off walking in the rain here!!! I am not in a very happy moody today; I am already trying to plan when I can add my nap to the day.

Yesterday was a good day…I spoke with Wellies, hopefully meeting up when we are in the UK.
Starting my day with laughter at 6.30 am…well it puts a positive start to the day. Hoping you had a wonderful birthday Wellies!!!
Then I drove to IKEA with GL as she needed something, and I found a butcher block standy thingy …on sale…well on sale with at least another 20 other ones, and I wanted the one right in the middle, it was the lightest colour and, well just and I liked it!…GL wanted one as well….will all this fit in your car she asked…hummmm you bet!!!!!!
Then I spoke with Mo3G which also made my day.

J also thought he lost his new phone…any need…it was found! I am thinking @@@@ how are we going to get a new one…will we need yet ANOTHER contract, will we just have to buy a new phone…Hope G has time to sort this out, because as the phone is in G’s name ONLY G can sort this out…ARRRGGGHHHHHH

So this dreary Saturday raining morning we headed off to get J some clothes. We came away with 3 items… Only 3 items, I mean come on any need!!!!!! Everything he tried was too small or too big…Wherever did the days go where I went and bought his clothes and he just accepted what I bought???

No walking yesterday, no junk food yesterday, just too busy…to little time with too much to do….Lets all rolls eyes at that last sentence..
Well and the fact no junk food that I wanted in the house….no idea what I wanted but we never had it in the fridge….not even the British chocolate could tempt me!

Right off to moan about something verbally, not sure yet what I will moan about or to whom I will moan to but I will sort that minor detail out ASAP

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