May 3, 2011

Holy Molie this walking lark is a killer on the calves. To say it is painful is an understatement. Monday I was up and walking at 7.30 am, I would have loved to been out there walking at 6.00am but after falling asleep at around 8.15 pm waking up at 11.45 not being able to sleep until after 3 am….well it sort of put the blockers on the 6.30 walk….but I was up dressed and out walking at 8.50 this morning. G joined me this morning; we walked 30 minutes and did 1.33miles. Not a huge amount of walking but for me I could be walking up Everest! It is killing me and my legs.
I did think I might even muster up the courage to battle the pain and go for another walk that evening, but it never happened….
Then finding a message saying I had inspired somebody to do some fitness them self, so this made me feel fab….Don’t think I have ever inspired anybody to do anything before.

Sunday was our first ‘Food Fair’ at school. I had heard about the fair….I heard how awesome it was and the food would be great, drinks and great atmosphere. Well we were NOT disappointed.
The weather forecast was for rain. The rain actually held off until the very end of the fair….Thank you Mother Nature!
I was going to helping in the café, the night before I read an email which said black or dark clothes (now all the emails might have said that but I had not read them properly I am sure!)
Well I have a black knitted sweater…That is NOT light weight and I love wearing in the middle of artic winters!
Everyone was dressed up as asked or for the countries they were representing … the music from the kids was awesome, the amount of people were unbelievable…… Trying to get to the Aussie/New Zealand stall for a pie was a nightmare (I am sure the fire safety officer would shut it down in most…but that nightmare was so worth the walk against the crowd! That meat pie ROCKED!!!! Really sooooo good! ….(as I have wrote above about my walking to get fit, I know tell you about the meat pie, but as I had a job and a half to get to the meat pie I am sure I worked off all the calories before I ate the pie…..)
We arrived about 9.30 am and left just before 4.30 pm, we watched the stalls sell out of food…even the pub announced they only had 3 beers left….which went really quickly!
They event was awesome!

G is off this week, so yesterday (Monday) G and I went out to lunch, J was having none of it. So off we set for an Indian…would we go to my favourite or his….we headed in the direction of his fav place (g was driving), but I was told that we were going to my fav place….but we still kept going in the direction of his) so I said come on let’s just go to yours….well we were at the entrance of the car park for the place!
G prefers his Indian to mine because he says it is tastier, which translated means it will burn your mouth and your stomach will feel like it has had a hole burned into it….Give me a butter chicken or pasander any day. We get back home and I am reading my book, when G says I am going to the gym you coming…..I have just had a curry, my stomach is making nosiest sounds that could be heard the other side of the park..hummm what do you think…I mean I have walked already this morning!
So then I remember my NEW HEATHIER life style, also the fact I had inspired somebody….Arrggghhhhhh I mean REALLY, ANY NEED?!?!?
So off we head to the gym for my 2nd round of exercise. So I did a little of this and a little of that….
I did what Dan the man had showed me and I was out of there!!!!!

I believe G and I will be out walking this morning after J has gone to school. I am soooo looking forward to another day of painful calve muscles...NOT!!!!!!
Today I got on the scales and weight and I have lost 1/2kg…go me…no I am not going to treat myself to a nice big cake to say well done me, I am off to finish yet ANOTHER bottle of water and have my lovel tasteless cereal….what a great start to the day!

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