May 4, 2011

Yesterday I did 2 walks…both over a mile each…in fact the morning one was 1.6 miles….know while this doesn’t sound a lot to most people this is like walking up Fuji for me carrying a whole regiments backpack/rucksacks

G says come on lets go for lunch…so off we head, G orders soup….now I have ordered a drink I don’t need another one as well…because soup is just a hot drink right…I know unless I have a loaf of bread with that soup I am going to absolutely starving within an hour….So I look at the menu again and think hummmm so I settled on a kids portion of cottage pie with steamed veggies….It was perfect actually…when it came out I thought Oh that’s it?!? It was a good size actually with these two long green things as part of the steamed veggies...So I look at the broccoli and cauliflower and think ok normal, what the heck are these…So I picked one up, waved it in the direction of one of my ‘word for friends’ opponents and was like what the hell is this…Lady fingers she said…actually when covered with cottage pie they were very nice nice…they tasted of cottage pie so no problem!

So while waiting for Mrs. H do my 2nd walk I turned my neck to the right and heard a horrible noise, turned my head to the left and the same horrible noise, like paper crunching is the only way to describe it. Put my neck up and down no noise…just looked stupid!
So out comes the smart phone for my own online diagnoses…seems nothing really wrong just bumpy something or others….I called a place that speaks English who had no idea what it could be because I have no pain..So ok!!!

J came home yesterday with a migraine, I had received a message beforehand so knew to expect this. So when he walked through the door I could see straight away it was not good. (Poor kid can’t lie to me even if he wanted to with those eyes) He lay on the sofa ,was a sleep in 5 minutes, woke up took a tablet/pill was sick and went straight back to sleep…poor kid never even made it to dinner.

Spoke with Yeti Moo yesterday which is always lovely. Just remembered I never emailed here what I was meant to…ok shall be doing that right after I post this post…..
It’s amazing what you remember at the strangest of times, things from years and years ago.
I have been having the strangest flash backs about the silliest things….just for what seems like no reason. I was remembering something I had bought for my Nan one Christmas….no idea why this came into my head yesterday as I am not Christmas shopping….
Like know I suddenly remembered that book I want to write….guess how much I have written down since I mentioned it…Nothing….I mean I find it hard enough at times to write on here…no mind a book…
The life and times of WelshWendy the Expat….who had trouble identifying certain veggies including aladies finger….Dont think even the great, great, great grandkids will even want to read it when it is uncovered under a pile of 90’s clothes…..

I am sat here moving my neck from side to side hoping the paper crunching sound has gone….If I move my head like a horse slightly down a fraction, then come up in a slow swooping motion it seems less of a sound…..I mean ANY NEED?

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