April 30, 2011

I have 7 followers….Wooo hooo…Thank you!

Well I am not impressed!!!
I have cut out soda, walked and walked, also been to see Dan the Man and I put on weight!!!
This week I have cut out soda, and junk food, I have not snacked…I have drunk enough water to fill the local swimming pool…(my poor bladder) and Nada…not a ounce has come off….won’t even mention how much went on!!!!
So last night while I was at the ‘royal wedding, I drank a little bit of cola and enjoyed every last drop!

This week has been a good week, had book club Monday…hummm that might have been the Monday before but felt like this week…hummm
I also had lunch with Bubbles, The Bag lady and another lady that I have yet to have a name for.
Went to costco with the rest of Japan..surprising how many people Costco can fit in that building!
Seen the Golden Lady, Received a beautiful picture from GMoJ but that could have been last week as well….hummmm ….I think it Saturday today…well G’s alarm hasn’t blared it must be!
Went to Ikea with The Bag lady, Mrs. H and the Golden Lady, had my meatballs….(seems they now do 3 portion sizes of balls…who knew????
Then last night I attended a screening of the Royal Wedding.
……How marvelous was that wedding?????I am not a wedding person normally..but I was impressed. My backside never hurt from seating to long, The bride looked radiant….I mean they had to let her spend some money after he gave her a second had engagement ring…and not a lucky ring at that!.....I mean come on who really would want a second hand ring that ended in divorce….nice ring and all but come on Will’s get with the programme here. I would have been smiling as well through gritted teeth thinking is that all I am worth a second hand ring!!!! Call me materialist but come on I would want my own ring! It would not even have had to have been as big.
Will’s saying he wanted his mother to be part of it all…get a life sized cardboard cutout love and she can be with you all times….Oh Will’s I am not sure if you are just a sweetheart or cheap…I am hoping for the sweetheart.
I attended the Royal Wedding with Mrs. H and we sat my Bubbles, The Bag lady and Mrs. N
I wore my two tiaras, one with beautiful blue designer plastic gems and white fluffy stuff and one with kinda of wings…I also had a special wand that lit up…and I bestowed many good things on people with that 100Yen wand, I am also sure I might hit a few people with that wand as well, accidently of course…
It was a real effort to take off those tiara thingy’s when I got to bed…not because I wanted to keep them but because they had gotten tangled…Arrrggghhhhhhh

This morning at 6.30 am….I was up and dressed and out the door. I went walking, iPod blaring (Poison and Bon Jovi got me through the walk this morning) So by 7.30 car collected, 3400 steps over a Kilometer walked and Then home to marinate chicken, cut up fruit, laundry on, dish washer unloaded and now waiting to clean the cars inside and out….I am on a role!!!!! GO ME!!!!

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