April 26, 2011

Another silly wake up time…just after 5am…I mean REALLY, ANY NEED???? I think not!
I as I knew I was not going back to sleep I head downstairs to finish reading my book…not my Kindle but my book as I have soooo many books to read before our next move. My goal is to have only 2 boxes of books instead of what seems like 20 plus….
G comes down for breakfast and he puts the TV to one of the News channels. As I finished my book but scanning the book club questions at the back and not really taking in the questions…I hear the weather man say the F word…which he quickly changes to back up…I am like hummm REALLY!!!!!

Today is my second day of no soda’s….. blah!
How long will I get only drinking water…Told Mrs. H NOTHING expect water….Oh no what will I do at Costco?????
I went walking last night while J decided he was going to run…He ran circles around me!!!!
I went out again this morning for another 20 minute walk; I will go out again tonight and do another walk…
I need to find that app on the phone that shows your walking distance…Might make me feel better …I truly doubt it but I will try and see.

While typing my blog for today the door bell rang. I open the door to see a young women who has walked straight from the 60‘s to modern day….I swear she did. She had long white leather boots with pointy toes, she has a big sixties style cream beret, and a short cream white sixties style coat, with long flowing hair…holding a Jehovah witness pamphlet (in English)….
Now I have Jehovah witnesses come to my door in ALL countries we have lived (well all but one)
And you know what...They always have English pamphlets…..I mean how forward thinking is that??????
I wonder how many languages they have their pamphlets written in?

I am getting extremely excited to be going on my holidays…if I have not mentioned that already….

Dinner is made for tonight already,…Well I say that…it was made last night and they are having leftovers!

I had better get moving…I was was meant to be somewhere 23 minutes ago…

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