May 11, 2011

Fab~K, thank you!!!

This morning I had the ironing done by 8.15am... What is wrong with me????
All chores were done and I was in my car and off to pay bills by 8.30am.
I found my way there, parked the car at the right end of the car park.... I try to remember the floor and letter/aisle I have parked in and off I go... I go and do what I need to do. All sorted nice and early and then I head back to the car... Should be easy right??? Wrong!!!!
So as none of the stores are open, just all cream shutters and Japanese writing only... Well I got lost AGAIN... I mean really any need!!! This EVERY month... You would think I would have worked it out after 8 months... But no... maybe when we are due to leave Japan for good I will get it sorted... Properly not but I can hope.

Today I had lunch with GL... How good was I??? I ordered salad, oh how I wanted one of GL's fries, not one maybe but all of them, but I never. No soda's either, I really am on a roll!!!

G and I headed off to the gym again this evening... I actually enjoyed it tonight. I am very pleased with myself right now... I just hope I keep it up in the holidays... Think the holidays might kill me!!!

After the gym I came home made dinner... I don't think I have ever served myself a portion that small...
I also made a ham and corn chowder for tomorrow's dinner, I am good!!!!

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