June 22, 2010

Soooooo on Monday 14th June 19, 2010, my family and I moved to Yokohama in Japan.
We have now been here 5 days.
We were lucky enough to move here at the start of the rainy season. Yes I did type LUCKY..I mean we get heat, we get rain, and we get to sweat to our hearts content! Soooo lucky us!

So we arrive at Gimpo airport in Korea..(We also had the pleasure of living in Seoul for 3 years)
Check in our 6 pieces of luggage (only allowed 20kg per person on this flight) plus the 4 piece of hand luggage.
So I am waiting for the overpriced charges for anything over the 60kgs we are allowed…we have been around 120 kgs +. The lovely lady hands us back our tickets and tells us to have a good flight…ahhh bless her..Then we have to watch our bags good through..Ours our stopped…Now….I am thinking..Shit what have I packed where that I will not get away with…spices, Dvd’s or 1 of the 3 cans of hairspray that magically slipped into the cases…Well it was the hairspray and those lovely people said OK just so we know..ahhhh bless.
So we arrive in Japan..J bless him has a migraine, we drive to the house…drop a few things off, stare in amazement at the house..yes I remember it..but I think it has shrunk since our looking trip..REALLY it has.
We then drive to the hotel and we get to the club level…club level my ARSE!!! Not even going there!!!

Tuesday we arrive at the house and the movers are waiting for us YAYYYYY!!!
Lovely people….they were really nice..Not being sarcastic.
I work on putting away the kitchen stuff….so realize that I will need about 80% more kitchen space…Lalalalalalala

By 4pm I am hurting…We left around 5pm Movers said they would be back around 8am next morning…soon put a stop to that. We rearranged 9am ish

Wednesday was pretty much the same…hurting sweating…working out the bloody rubbish system….I think I am about 75% there.

Thursday…took Gareth to work, he explained not to listen to the navigation 100% or it will take me the extra long way around. We pass a slip road and he said that would be good but you’re not taking that you need to go further along to drop me off. After dropping him off I must have circled the area about 3 times found the slip and went to Costco…Lovely lady there allowed me my own card on Gareth’s account with no Japanese ID…ahhhh bless.
She asked if I was new to Asia…( still wondering why she would ask that..maybe I stand out) I told her we had lived in Korea. Oh well you will know about the rainy season then…Yep I do, in fact I normally leave Asia around that time!!!! Just not this year!!!!
Met my neighbor who was very impressed I had already hit Costco. She told me her name and I kept calling her Geraldine (no idea why cause her name is NOT Geraldine). REALLY I did, but I also did that to 2 other people I have met since I have been here. (I mean I called two other people Geraldine)
Anyway the neighbor offered to write her name down for me…Nope It’s fine I am sure I won’t be calling you by your name.

Today…Saturday. We went to IKEA. Bought a few things..Including Swedish meatballs. The other thing I bought was a step/stool thing to reach the bloody cupboards…I mean REALLY. Yes I need help reaching the cupboard, slightly high our new cupboards
After breaking our backs getting the stuff in the house off we toddled again. Had lunch at MacDonald’s $28 No they are not serving extra fine food, that was the price..Yayyyyyy (that was for 3 meals one being a happy meal)

As I am typing this I can smell a BBQ….No I am not hungry but I think if I turn the tap on I might run it dry I am drinking that much. Water that is not the hard stuff…but could do with a vodka right now!

Now I wait for my new car
Our trip to Guam
And lucky, lucky me a trip back to Korea for my visa’s Yayyyyyyyyy

So much excitement!!!!! REALLY

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