June 25, 2010

Sooooooooooooo….really, really ain’t happy!
I am being bitten alive. The mozzies are a killer. Using my wonderful, smelly tea tree oil but it seems to have no effect. NOT HAPPY…I mean any need?
Well…Thought I lost my iPod That was interesting, I had my what had happened all played in my head…I was totally WRONG!!! Now there is a surprise!
I am getting more and more jobs done…the ironing just might get done today. Well I have set the ironing board up. The iron is still in the box!

I decided after having the worst tasting noodles the other night for dinner that I would make noodles…Mine were awful as well. I gathered from the pictures on the bag that I needed to boil the noodles…why would I do that??? I thought I knew better…once again I was wrong!!!!!
So last night I boiled the noodles before adding them to the meat and veggies.
Seemed to be a hit with G and J.

I really miss our water cooler. For the last 7 years we have had a water cooler…Now I am buying water daily it is killing me… The recycling bin looks like we have a family of 20 with all the water bottles going out.
So now I am on the search for a water cooler.
Also it is taking up space in the fridge.

Off to Guam tomorrow

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