June 26, 2010

Well yesterday after finally taking the iron out the box…I did some ironing and then took J swimming.
While there he pasted his swimming exam..Wayyyy which means he can go into the pool at anytime, with or with a parent. He had to swim no touching the floor sides or when turning no hands only feet, dive, tread water, more swimming and then he was asked some questions. I was so proud of my son.
Then He started diving off the one of the boards until one of the ladies by the pool started throwing the ball and you had to catch it while jumping off. This was a real hit with all the kids..All the kids there were sooo friendly, and the boys will all be in J’s grade next school year.
I met a few people all really friendly and easy going.
I took my book to read and never started it…that is a 1st I always read 1st!!!
Last night found us at Red Lobster…Lobster fondue rocks!!!!!!


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