August 8, 2010

Well we have been here for 57 days, minus the days we went to Guam and the days I had to go back to Korea.

….And I’m still LOVING it here. Little bit different, about 0000.0001% English I spoken.

Have not been to the interesting restaurants that Gareth has been to where the menu states that the meat is not Pork and does not taste like chicken. Nor have I been to the restaurant that offers chicken rectum as a main course.

Having not been to a Japanese restaurant yet I can’t comment and what is available. I can tell you about the lovely selection of fresh fish..(Well we do live on a port ..Shame I am not a fish person!) or the lovely fresh looking herbs that I know what they are for In the local stores here.

Now while everything is not sweetness and light, I love it here!! REALLY I do.

I know I can’t find fault with anything and everything, but it is so lovely here.

(How Welsh is that, 'Lovely')

I am missing people. Yes REALLY I am .of course I still miss people from home, Germany, Dubai and now Korea.

The Japanese people are so lovely, smiling and soooo helpful.

During the time I have been here we/ I have met some interesting people..Some very interesting and some that can go sit in the corner and talk to the wall!

I have found out this week who will deliver and at what costs. I was told about Amazon delivering veggies…

I hate the way every 7th week I am responsible for the rubbish/garbage for the street. So I have to go outside nice and early and place a tarpaulin and netting and hold it down with large stones. Then people places they rubbish underneath to stop the birds…But find it cute that when the rubbish truck comes by it has a jingle tune playing…well it is cute for now.

The highlight of my week was Tesco’s this morning.

I found Tesco’s cereal, pasta, biscuits and salad cream..SOOOO happy!!
So today was not a day in the Jungle more a days in the woods.

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