November 3, 2011

Had a nice day today took SoM to ANOTHER 100¥ store…she is amazed at just what they sell.
Had lunch with G and SoM…went to G’s fav Indian…I can tell you NOT my fav.
Had my 1st seasonal Starbucks….White chocolate Mocha with cranberry….don’t think I will be having another.
Went into a store I would not normally go in…bought one or two thing…for J.
Then….Went to the Disney store and bought my first Christmas decorations of 2011….Don’t think I actually bought any last year. I love them…REALLY I do!!!!

I would love to do a Christmas ornament exchange one year. I have friends all over this small world….and I would love to a small tree with decorations from all the places I have been and from friends around the world…There would be NO theme…NO colour pattern…NOTHING just hopefully a array of colour. I would call it my global Christmas tree.

I also put some pictures up of SoM visit. She is normally the small dot with something big like a HUGH ferris wheel in the background…..I took one of her at Tokyo tower….I sat on the floor and pointed the phone upwards…Big tower…little SoM….REALLY!!!

I wanted to drop something off to somebody’s house today; I had full instructions on how to get there…
Easy right….WRONG….we live in a rabbit warren!!! REALLY we do…
So I asked a lady if she spoke English and if she knew where this number was…She spoke English but no idea where to find the house…Ok…nice lady.
I then asked another person if the spoke English…In perfect English he said Only a little….His English was better than mine…REALLY….He said my daughter is better….The daughters English was Super perfect (super perfect…yes I know but it REALLY was)
She knew where to go…took me there…She spoke like she had had elocution lessons….No idea where she learnt her English…but I wanna go there!


aussiemama said...

We have a global memory tree as our Xmas tree :)
We gather decorations from where ever we are around Xmas time, or small hanging trinkets that would look great hanging on the tree through out the year. I am so anal I write who gave us the decoration, or where we were and the date on every box. It takes us hours to decorate the tree! And i have to have a box of tissues close by

Diary of me, REALLY said...

I love the idea. How awesome!
We have a few piece that I have gotten people to write their name and the year.
I am envious of you... Lol