November 9, 2011

So…SoM has gone home…
Yeti Moo has gotten her new phone so we have been playing around….No actual calls made from either phone…but like I had blogged previously…I don’t REALLY use my phone for calls anymore…REALL Y I don’t.
I noticed I have a black line down my rear window of my car…I was so sure it was not meant to be there I actually checked I was in the right car….only been driving around in it for 18 months…but honest I can say, hand on my heart it was not there before!
Went to a bonfire somewhere in Japan….It seemed so far away I thought I was going to drive off the end of Japan… (You like in the olden days when they thought the world was flat?)
It was a 220km round trip…it was worth it…was not happy with J going in the ocean…it was dark, he had no spare clothes and well…..I had no idea what the beach was actually like as I had not seen it during the day.

I wrote on face book I was going to Amsterdam for 28 months…it surprising how many people believe you…it was one of those breast cancer thingies…like the bra strap thing….it was suggested I remove it…So I kept it up!!!!

Monday I did a early drop off as J had a early morning activity….I came home had breakfast and then promptly fell asleep for the rest of the day…..REALLY I did

I have also gotten a pain in my calf…I was so worried…I went on the internet…I mean…for me I would properly be better off with an internet Dr than the Dr’s here… Anyhow….I read it could be DVT…I was convinced I would not wake up following morning….But I Did and here I am blogging again….
So ….don’t try and self diagnose…I was already worrying where I would have my funeral….REALLY I was!!!!


Anonymous said...

hi wendy - just found this email in my junk mail do make me laugh & you do write just like u talk - its good fun - keep it up xxgill aus

Diary of me, REALLY said...

Hope all is well with you guys