December 19, 2011

Well it has been more than a month since I have last blogged…how bad is that?!?!?!?

This last 2 weeks I have been sing a Christmas song…..just out of the blue the words start…’Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….Then I hum the tune (well what I think might be the tune but as I am tone deaf, who knows?) Well I can’t get past let it snow…ARRRRGGGHHHHHHH. I am about to lose the plot…REALLY I am…how it is at 38 years old I can’t get past the let it snow?????? I know there is more…I mean I am not THAT stupid, but WHY CAN’T I REMEMBER IT???? Again ARRGGHHHH.

Well we had a Thanksgiving dinner which was a new experience for everyone who was here.
I think next year I will do a British version of a thanksgiving dinner which will include a LOT of roast potatoes and gravy with may be a roast pork with crackling…so more of a British traditional roast it will be a roast at Wendy's instead of Thanksgiving....
The fact that I will be happy with the roasties ….well a little selfish but well I will be happy…REALLY I will

I hosted my annual cookie exchange, I love cookie exchanges.
Only problem was I could not eat anything…but I did give it a try!!!
So on the Sunday before the exchange I decided to make honeycomb…Which is basically boiling hot sugar, golden syrup, honey and water and you add baking soda and it grows.
Well the spoon I had used to stir and remove the mixture from the pan I put in my mouth
The mixture stuck to the roof of my moth, the spoon was stuck to the mixture…the mixture was BOILING...I pulled at the spoon…Well I managed to completely burn the roof of my mouth…REALLY I did….
I mean ANY NEED?????
The skin kept falling off the roof of my mouth…I needed antibiotics……TOTAL nightmare…REALLY it was.

I went to the ladies basketball Christmas dinner, not that I have played all year. Seems if you’re on an email list your on the party list also…..REALLY…I mean how cool is that?

We had a ladies lunch at one of the hotels here, before everyone left for Christmas.
So I call them up and ask…
Me…. ’Will you have any Christmas decorations up?’

Them… ‘No but there is a Christmas tree outside the hotel’ She meant out in the Mall

Me….. ‘So to confirm there will be 17 ladies’

Them…. ‘yes…but one of them will be uncomfortable, because of the table plan’

Me……… ‘So this will of course reflect the price for that person?’

Them…… ‘No’

Me………. ‘Well I guess I need to speak to somebody who will understand that THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE’

Them-Manager… ‘Hello…why is this a problem?’
Oh why oh why did they have to ask this question???

Me…. ‘REALLY? Did you just ask that question…Ok so will there be a big discount because of the amount of uncomfortableness that will be in question? …Also as we have all stayed in your hotel or will during our time in Japan, hence the reason we have chose to come to your restaurant. I don’t think your being very professional’

Them-manager….’Hummm one moment please, Ok we will try and sort this out’

Me… ‘Thank you, I will try and explain to somebody they might be uncomfortable and might have a discount!!!’

Them-Manager…Please remind your guest it is a very busy time of year, because of Christmas and you’re in our first sitting
Me…….. ‘Ok, Thank you…Oh by the way will you have much Christmassy food?’

Them-Manager…. ‘NO….’

Me………’Oh, Ok’

Well there was no uncomfortableness, there was NO Christmassy food, but the food was good.
It was a lovely lunch with a lovely group of ladies.

So school finished….Disney this week…you just know how my blog will sound when I write about that…with my mood lately!

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