December 25, 2011

Magic of Disney, my backside!

Well I did take 4 angels to Disney....And I was right, there would be something to write about!!!!
Well I get up early and realize that I don't have enough cash on me. EVENTUALLY find a place to use my ATM card...might have helped if I had not used the wrong pin on another card...I mean REALLY Wend???? Any need?
We eventually get through the traffic and arrive...I am sure the price of parking has doubled...but not prepared to bet my life on it!!!!!
We start walking away from the car and some old guy (in some sort of blue unform with a he must have been important) starts talking in Japanese. The kids tell me that they can't wear their 'Stich' outfits in Disney..(I forgot to mention the 4 kids were dressed in their Disney Stich outfits) I am like hummm whatever! So we walk towards the park to buy our tickets. Then 2 tiny Japanese Disney workers kinda pounced on us!!! REALLY they did. They start talking in Japanese...then when they seen the BLANK look on my face, they asked if I speak Japanese...'Hummmm, NO!'
So she wrings her hands a lot and they tells me the kids are not allowed in dressed as they were....Hummmm WHATEVER!!!, I REALLY mean WHATEVER!!! She tells me it will take away from the atmosphere inside Disney Sea. After being stuck in traffic for a lot longer than I expected, this was not what I expecting to hear. So I tell her to get a manager. Her and her little man friend speak into they microphone ear pieces and then 2 people come over....Still dressed in 'Special' Disney outfits....
They all start talking in Japanese....Hummm hello, I am here...So after about 30 seconds I was like hummm "hello, ENGLISH' So this lady starts talking to me but with her yes closed....she explains to me that the kids were not allowed to wear the outfits inside the park. So i look around and EVERY Japanese person has a outfit or something...mainly cape type Disney outfits...So I say'Right tell her her to get that off!!!' They replied 'No, No, No, there not outfits'
Hummmm well it's not everyday wear even for "special' people. I then see some guy walking in with a HUGE hard suite case.....So I point this out, but it seems that's fine. So I point out that there seems to be a rule for the Japanese and another for us Gaijin's."Oh no' they said. ' Hummm oh yes' I also point out that I have seen NOTHING stating that they can't wear the outfits.
She tells me that on the website it states that outfits can't be worn inside the park...Hummm I reply that this is not true and where. She tells me it's not in English it's in Japanese.....REALLY she did. She then says if they take off their outfits they can go into the park. The kids had summer clothes under the outfits. So I told them(Disney) they would, but they would have to provide warm clothes for the kids. So again lots of humming and R-rings. I also remember on of the kids needs to be in Tokyo by 6.30 so this means I need to get back back to Yokohama so they can catch the train into Tokyo. Well she then tells us they can go in this ONCE. I told her the que is huge, and the kids are missing out and we have missed fast past places....I want to be taken to the front of the que and I want fast passes.
Well she gives us 1 past pass each. She takes us in and explains NOBODY will question us as she is the BOSS!!! No way, not in that outfit!!!! So let me tell you....
DON'T dress up for Disney outfits , its not allowed...But you can wear a stupid chipmunk cape because that is allowed
If you do wear them, and have four kids dressed up in the same Disney outfit, Japanese people love it and STARE and many ask to have their pictures taken with the kids.
Now one thing that impressed me was how many people asksd me if they could have their pictures taken with them. When I took pictures, a few others took their pictures as well.

So Santa came to our house today....Oh boy we must have been very good this year!
one of my gifts was a new laptop...A Mac....I am going to tell you...I am frightened of it...REALLY I am. While I am typing this up on the new Mac right now, thats ALL I have managed.
I love how light and slim the thing is I love how fast the thing is...But I have NO IDEA HOW TO USE IT!!!! and while I have NOT started shouting at yet, I have no idea how we will EVER become friends. REALLY I don't. I am scared!!!!!

We spent a lovely day with some LOVELY friends at a local hotel for christmas lunch, then we went back to one family's house were we swapped secert Santa gifts and the kids also opened gifts.

Some people are awesome.
Dont like everyone, but I do LOVE these guys!

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