November 2, 2011

So…SoM arrived…poor love has hardly slept since she has been here. I don’t think the poor will be on anytime zone when she arrives back home…I think her body clock will be that messed up.
She said that she has never had jetlag….where she has gone has either been a couple of hours difference…back in time…or even when forward in time the cities are so busy that when you are awake at silly-o’clock you can go out and explore, eat and shop. So this has been a really shock to the body…Oh do I feel guilty.
So this week I had to be in Tokyo early in the morning, she drove up there with me…We were stuck in traffic….(not good when you have had NO SLEEP) I parked at Tokyo tower. Went to my appointment, took her picture outside the tower (while I sat on the floor to take her picture) One tourist thingy done…
One thing everyone who visits seem to like is the 100¥ store…actually 105¥ but we won’t go there.
SoM was no exception.
She has been taken for a curry…and she gets to go for another one tomorrow…lucky girl…poor girl made the mistake of saying she likes spicy food once…G took this to mean…Yaaaay somebody who eats normal food with flavor not gravy…Yes G has taken to calling my choice of curry, gravy…Gravy my insides can handle!!!!

Yeti Moo and I have been playing silly-billy games…seeing how face we can take the smart phone technology…so we have faced timed, used the voice software (we sounded like kids…lol)

Basketball is back for the ladies….Also netball….both should be interesting as I am signed up for both….

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