September 20, 2011

Yeti Moo arrived….can’t believe it’s been 9 months since I have seen here…maybe because of the 2-3 times a week weekly calls… it’s a small world!

I have decided that I am going to grow my hair and get it cut for locks of love.
A very special girl had done this last year and I thought I am going to do this.
My hair is it’s natural color, no dying, highlighting or perming so why not…may be that one white hair I found might put them off…I am sure by the time I have grow my hair to the required length there might be a few more grey hairs

Found out my birthday present while being mouthy about what I want from Christmas…
SoM is coming over…can’t wait.
…Oh and the Christmas present I want is an iPad, Well J won’t let me have his…so I want my own and if I don’t have one for Christmas, I am hoping that the Apple Store has plenty right after Christmas when I go and buy my own!!!

Enjoyed the rugby on the weekend when Wales won!!!! Yayyyyyyy Wales…..

I have also read a couple of books one being “How Starbucks Saved My Life’ I really enjoyed this book
Not what I was expecting, but a quick easy read.

It’s been a lovely fresh day today…not a nice crisp day but a fresh day…
No A/C needed today, Windows wide open, and lots of fresh air coming in…I love it!!!!

The school sent out a message to say that there may be no school tomorrow due to the typhoon….ANY NEED! Not the school but the weather….but saying that I remember early last school year we collected the kids early due to another typhoon…seemed like a normal summers day in Wales to me.
I love my country and I am extremely proud to be Welsh, but I do wonder about the Welsh weather at times. Makes me smile when I read Facebook and people back home are complaining about the cold and putting the heating on…it’s 30 + degrees here and I am praying for a early winter.
How I would love Alaska!!! Well I would with books, TV (that shows good TV) Internet and a decent food store….I mean REALLY how awesome would that be?

Today I went to Dan the man and explained how the rugby is a bit of a problem for me….I find I need to eat extra…I am thinking its watching all the running around the pitch I am seeing…I am exhausted just watching it…my eyes following them around the pitch are having a real work out. So I am gathering that’s was why I ate more.

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